Asias overlooked places 9 for your travel list

Asias overlooked places: 9 for your travel list

When it comes to amazing tourist attractions, Asias got a ton. But for every Angkor Wat or Great Wall of China, hundreds of incredible sites have slipped under the radar for travelers.

Some are remote and obscure, others hidden in plain sight in some of Asias biggest cities. Here are nine unheralded spots worth visiting:

In the straits of Johor off the north eastern coastof Singapore, just a 10-minute bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry, lies the island ofPulau Ubin.

Often name checked as the last kampung in Singapore (the Malay word for a traditional village) its a hit among Singaporeans seeking a slower pace of life and a break from the urban jungle.

The 10-square-kilometer island has a unique ecosystem, marine wildlife, threatened bird species and coral reefs at the Chek Jawa Wetlands.

Mountain bikes are the favored mode of transport and a great way to discover the trails and paths. Excellent homemade local cuisine is another big draw.

Traveling to Singapore? Insiders share tips

Its easy to forget Macau was once a destination where history, culture and tradition drew more international visitors than gambling and entertainment.

While the casino boom has changed the face of the former Portuguese enclave forever, efforts have been made to preserve aspects of the areas unique heritage.

Taipa Village is a former fishing village.

With its restored colonial facades and quaint alleyways, its home to museums, churches, temples and impressive villas.

On Rua do Cunha (Food Street) visitors can choose from dozens ofoptions.

Picturesque Halong Bay and Hoi An are two of the destinations that have boomed in recent years as visitors to Vietnam swell.

But Dalat in the countrys South Central Highlands is only recently starting to gain attention.

Known as the city of eternal spring, it was formerly a favorite destination of French colonial rulers keen to reach the cooler mountain climes, away from the humid coasts.

Outside the city, rolling pine-covered hills can make anyone forget theyre in Southeast Asia, while swish private golf clubs such asThe Dalat at 1200have taken advantage of the comfortable climate.

Vietnam street food: 10 essential dishes

Ko Adangs beaches are reached by long-tail boat.

Courtesy Tourism Authority of Thailand

Thailands islands need no introduction to global hedonists looking for relaxation and perfect sunsets.

But few have kept themselves as quiet as Ko Adang in theTarutao National Marine Park.

Kings of Krabi: Thailands long-tail boat builders keep tourism afloat

Its 30 square kilometers, near the Malaysia border, have turquoise water and white sand, and with the bonus of much fewer visitors.

Accommodation is pretty basic and limited to beach-side bungalows and tents, but with rainforest and mountains to explore, as well as the Pirate Waterfalls, island living doesnt get much more laid back.

First-time visitors toHong Kongare always surprised to discover the citys multitude of outdoor options, from hundreds of miles of hiking trails to remote islands.

Sharp Island, otherwise known as Kiu Tsui Chau, is a short boat ride from the popular tourist destination and fishing port of Sai Kung.

During the week, few travelers make it over, meaning that visitors often get the islands three beaches to themselves.

Some of the cleanest and clearest water in all of Hong Kong makes it an ideal snorkeling destination, while the nearby island of Kiu Tau can also be reached at low tide across a natural spit of land.

A subtropical climate, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, hot springs, loggerhead turtles and dolphins are just some of the draws to thisislandsome 40 miles off the southwest tip ofJapanin Kagoshima Prefecture.

Rich flora include ancient Japanese cedar — some of which are over 1,000 years old — part of a primeval forest that has all but disappeared elsewhere across the region.

Accommodation runs from quaint cottages and pensions up to high-end spas, hotels, and ryokans — traditional Japanese inns with impeccable service.

NortheasternIndias remote state of Assam doesnt appear on many tourist itineraries, but the countrys largest river island,Majuli, is one of the draws for intrepid travelers who do visit.

Its the cultural capital of the Assamese and dotted with Hindu monasteries. Its 450 square kilometers of wilderness is also a draw — particularly for bird watchers.

The surrounding mighty Brahmaputra river erodes this island every year at an alarming rate, however, and some experts claim Majuli will disappear completely within two decades.

30 photos of Indias most beautiful places

One of the most esoteric sites in Asia can be found in central Laos, where thousands ofhuge stone jars, some more than 2,000 years old, dot the landscape in more than 90 separate sites.

The most widely held belief regarding their origin is that they were used in prehistoric burial practices to cremate bodies.

Another more pragmatic suggestion is that they were used to collect and store monsoon rainwater for travelers and traders across caravan routes.

Meanwhile, more romantic local folklore suggest they held whiskey for a giant living in the Phonsavan Mountains.

Regardless, theyre an extraordinary addition to the landscape in a country often overlooked by travelers.

On the Bolaven Plateau, savor a Lao coffee paradise

Koh Rong is Cambodias second largest island.

Given that the second-largest islandin Cambodiawas the setting for a recent season of Survivor, its no surprise that, with a lack of roads, cars and very limited electricity, accommodation offerings are basic.

WhatKoh Ronglacks in amenities it makes up for in natural beauty and tranquility.

Aside from the sedate pleasures of a hammock, sunset and a cold local beer, travelers head here for diving, snorkeling, jungle trekking and climbing.

Chris Dwyer is a Hong Kong-based communications consultant and food writer. His restaurant reviews, chef interviews and more can be found .

Theres a perfect beach for every week of the year. Join us on a 12-month journey to see them all

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3D printing fair opens in Shanghai

Chinas biggest 3D Printing Technology Industry Expo opened in Shanghai today. Its the first time the four-year old event has been held in Shanghai. Our reporter Yuan Chenyue says many companies are showing off printers that can be used in homes.

This 3D printer can produce home decorations such as a vase or lamp cover. The device costs around 4,000 yuan, and the company that makes it sold about 5,000 printers last year. Most buyers were schools or individuals.

The printer brings the best effect by using plastic and carbon fiber materials. We are now developing 3D printers that can use flour to make pancakes. Users can make cartoon-shaped pancakes for children, said Ye Zhen, HueWay Technology.

Developers say 3D printing has grown in popularity in the manufacturing sector with companies using it to design models. Some say home and individual use is the next target, but that there are some challenges to overcome in order to make it happen, said Yuan Chenyue, Reporter.

One developer says 3D printing will be more popular for individuals who want personalized products. But there are some hurdles to overcome involving cost and technology.

In the future, if the 3D printer can connect to the Internet by Wifi, consumers can talk with designers online and place the order without leaving their home. But we need to increase the efficiency of the printer. Currently, it takes about an hour to produce 50 grams of product, which could be quite slow for consumers, said Huang Bo, 3D Designer, SH WWDY Technology.

Some consumers at the fair are excited about the idea of a 3D printer at home, but not all.

A 3D printer can let users make small toys and decorations. It is interactive and can train childrens creativity and practical abilities. Thats different with buying toys only. I would be willing to pay up to 30,000 yuan, said Lv Shiming.

I think you still need to learn more about how to design a model if you want to buy a 3D printer, or it will be useless. And developers can post more design graphs online for users to better use the device, said Wang Xinyu.

Chinas 3D printing industry was valued at 7.8 billion yuan last year. Thats double its size from 2014.

Rock-music news: Beach Boys, Maroon 5, Jay Chou

Japanese PM expected to announce tax hike delay

CCTV9Syrian govt and rebels urged to let aid through

CCTV9China to launch 1st quantum communication satellite

CCTV9Global effort to end cycle of malnutrition

CCTV9French Open: The Spaniard wont be back before recovering entirely

CCTV9ISIL launches assault on jihadi rebels

CCTV9UEFA Champions League: All-Spanish showdown kicks off in Milan on S

CCTV9Iraqi govt forces launch assault on ISIL

CCTV9Five EPL sides listed in top ten most valuable teams by KPMG

CCTV9Time to beat the traffic jams

CCTV9More allowed to list on New Third Board

Former Man United midfielder Anderson released by Brazils Internacional

New contract for Barca defender Pique

Chinese doubles stars impress in round one of the Australian Open

Beijing and Xinjiang to be favourites in WCBA championship

CBA Roundup: International players help Guangzhou past Shandong 126-123

China to set up Xiongan New Area in Hebei

Chinas reform and opening-up a great process: Xi

Chinese womens volleyball team claims Olympic title in Rio

BBC NewsMacau police hunt for casino dealer after $6m theft

BBC NewsChrissy Chambers: Revenge porn almost killed me

New US sanctions destructive, hinder improvement of bilateral relations Rus

Former Man United midfielder Anderson released by Brazils Internacional

New contract for Barca defender Pique



Avatar IMAX phenomenon in Shanghai

Special Report:Avadar – 2010 blockbuster from James Cameron

Demand to see the film Avatar is so great that the IMAX ticket price in Shanghai will go up next week. That will make it one of the most expensive IMAX-3D ticket prices in the world.

Although the story-line of Avatar has been used many times over, its unique wrapping still helped the movie break the Shanghai Box Office record faster than any film in history. Suddenly, IMAX-3D has become the prefect choice for residents in Shanghai to watch it.

Its still 6:30 in the morning. But long queues have already formed outside cinemas in Shanghai. Some are fully packed, even bringing their quilts to spend the night outside the ticket office just for one IMAX ticket to see Avatar.

Ms. Liu, Ticket Buyer, said, I have been waiting for more than 10 hours. Its freezing here. I have got 6 heat packs, plus my quilts.

Shanghais only IMAX cinema has announced it will increase ticket prices for Avater from 150 yuan to 200 yuan. Theater managers say the reason for the price hike is not purely economical. It just want to ease the tension between supply and demand.

Wang Bozhang, General Manager, Shanghai Pezce Cinema said, The boom in the market has decided what our price should be. If you increase the price, and consumer may feel its too expensive. Then some fans may go to watch non-IMAX versions of Avatar.

Ticket Buyer, said, The price hike is a market move. If people really want to see the movie, they wont care about fifty kuai.

Theater managers say, the price hike is only targeting the IMAX version of Avatar. Some consumers belive the price increase is reasonable. But others feel the move will cause some people to stay away from cinemas.

Ticket Buyer, said, The price now is too expensive. It should be what it used to be. The price should not go up, just because there are more people who want to watch it.

Ticket Buyer, said, The price hike sets a bad example for the movie industry, which is that it will always be more expensive to watch good movies.

The Shanghai United Circuit is urging movie theaters not to hike ticket prices. Because good movies can actually help the cinema attract larger audiences. And this will be good for their long-term development.

China: Avatar to set new box office record

Avatar smashes China opening-day record

Avatar smashes China opening-day record

Chinas high-speed rail goes global

Worst flood in 163 years hits Guangan

Best job in China looking for candidate

World Cup tickets: sell or not to sell?

King in undersea world: Splendid photos of shark in Beqa

Dyeing dogs to look like other animals

Worlds most luxurious hotel: Burj Al Arab

Sexy alleged Russian spy among ten arrested by U.S.

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Mel Gibson Confirmed as Adviser on Chinas Bombing

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U.K.s Zycon and Chinas DeZerlin Draw Up Mega Animation Pact

Mel Gibson Confirmed as Adviser on Chinas Bombing

U.K.s Zycon and Chinas DeZerlin Draw Up Mega Animation Pact

Screen Australia Finalizes Sexual Harassment Code of Conduct

TV18 Buys Control of Viacom Joint Venture in India

Mel Gibsonhas been confirmed as joining big-budget Chinese film The Bombing as a creative adviser.Bruce Willisis part of the cast of the 3D WWII movie.

Gibsons role was announced at a press event held by Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group at the movies Xiangshan production base on July 7.

Mel is interested in what happened during that period of time, and provided relevant suggestions on how to make the movie, said Shi Jianxiang, founder and CEO of Kuailu. He is very insightful.

The film is directed by Xiao Feng, who previously shot another war actioner, Hushed Roar, in 2012.

Korean actor Song Seung-heon, Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse, and leading Chinese character actor Liu Ye also star.

The producers pegged the films production budget at $65 million. Previous reports had put it at $90 million.

The story focuses on the World War II bombing of the city of Chongquing by Japanese forces. The city served as the provisional capital of forces commanded by Chiang Kai-Shek.

I hope audiences around the world can appreciate the cruelty of war and our courage, determination and capability to fight against it, Shi Jianxiang said in a statement. China needs such movies that deliver hope and spirit.

Shi Jianxiang said Kailu invested in the film to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in World War II.

We cannot forget what happened in the past, he said. History made us what we are today.

Gibson said his participation in The Bombing marked his first visit to China in two decades.

I have seen so many changes in China, he said. The Bombing has an excellent world-class team with outstanding producers, directors, cast and crew. Our crew is marvelous, modest but enthusiastic.

Gibsons directing credits include Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto. He was also a producer on those three films and won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director for Braveheart.

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U.K.s Zycon and Chinas DeZerlin Draw Up Mega Animation Pact

Mel Gibson has been confirmed as joining big-budget Chinese film The Bombing as a creative adviser. Bruce Willis is part of the cast of the 3D WWII movie. Gibsons role was announced at a press event held by Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group at the movies Xiangshan production base on July 7. Mel is interested in what []

Mel Gibson has been confirmed as joining big-budget Chinese film The Bombing as a creative adviser. Bruce Willis is part of the cast of the 3D WWII movie. Gibsons role was announced at a press event held by Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group at the movies Xiangshan production base on July 7. Mel is interested in what []

Mel Gibson has been confirmed as joining big-budget Chinese film The Bombing as a creative adviser. Bruce Willis is part of the cast of the 3D WWII movie. Gibsons role was announced at a press event held by Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group at the movies Xiangshan production base on July 7. Mel is interested in what []

Mel Gibson has been confirmed as joining big-budget Chinese film The Bombing as a creative adviser. Bruce Willis is part of the cast of the 3D WWII movie. Gibsons role was announced at a press event held by Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group at the movies Xiangshan production base on July 7. Mel is interested in what []

Mel Gibson has been confirmed as joining big-budget Chinese film The Bombing as a creative adviser. Bruce Willis is part of the cast of the 3D WWII movie. Gibsons role was announced at a press event held by Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group at the movies Xiangshan production base on July 7. Mel is interested in what []

Mel Gibson has been confirmed as joining big-budget Chinese film The Bombing as a creative adviser. Bruce Willis is part of the cast of the 3D WWII movie. Gibsons role was announced at a press event held by Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group at the movies Xiangshan production base on July 7. Mel is interested in what []

Mel Gibson has been confirmed as joining big-budget Chinese film The Bombing as a creative adviser. Bruce Willis is part of the cast of the 3D WWII movie. Gibsons role was announced at a press event held by Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group at the movies Xiangshan production base on July 7. Mel is interested in what []

All the Black History Month Sneakers You Can Buy Now

Tomi Lahren Apologizes For Disparaging Remarks Made Against Kennedy

American Crime Story: Versace Recap: Im Not Like Most Escorts

The X-Files Review: Confusing But Compelling Ghouli Looks Like a Casefile, But Ends Up Being More

New York Film Festival To Open With Robert Zemeckis 3D Philippe Petit World Trade Center Thriller The Walk

New York Film Festival To Open With Robert Zemeckis 3D Philippe Petit

Charlie Walk Axed From The Four As More Claims Emerge

Trumps SOTU: 45.6M Total Viewers A Dip From Previous

This Is Us Star Chrissy Metz To Star In Fox 2000 Movie

Paramount Sets A-List Writers Room For Ology Pics

McGowan Calls Weinstein Sad, Pathetic Monster

New York Film Festival To Open With Robert Zemeckis 3D Philippe Petit World Trade Center Thriller The Walk

The Film Society of Lincoln Center has selectedThe Walkto open the 53rdNew York Film Festivalon September 25 at Alice Tully Hall. TheRobert Zemeckis-directed film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as as Philippe Petit, the French aerial artist who in 1974 walked a tightrope strung between the Twin Towers. This is a statement film forTom Rothman, the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group chairman who madeThe Walkhis first major picture when he revived the TriStar label. While he ran Fox, Rothman premiered the Ang Lee-directedLife Of Pias the Opening Night Gala in 2012. It was an ideal showcase for a daring film the 3D quality was superb that went on to gross $609 million worldwide. It won four Oscars including Best Director for Lee, who is currently makingBilly Lynns Long Halftime Walkfor TriStar. It also turned out to be Rothmans final major film before leaving the studio.

RelatedTom Rothmans TriStar Unveils First Pic Dates: Ricki And The Flash & Robert Zemeckis Philippe Petit Movie

The Walkbecomes the second 3D film to open the Gotham festival afterLife Of Pi, and it will be the second recent appearance at the festival for Zemeckis since he returned to live action filmmaking withFlight, which closed the 2012 festival/ The PG-ratedThe Walkwill reach 3D and IMAX 3D on October 2, 2015.

The Walkis surprising in so many ways, said New York Film Festival director and Selection Committee chair Kent Jones. First of all, it plays like a classic heist movie in the tradition ofThe Asphalt JungleorBob le flambeur the planning, the rehearsing, the execution, the last-minute problems but here its not money thats stolen but access to the worlds tallest buildings. Its also an astonishing re-creation of Lower Manhattan in the 70s. And then, it becomes something quite rare, rich, mysterious and throughout it all, youre on the edge of your seat.

Zemeckis said he was extremely honored and grateful that our film has been selected to open the 53rd New York Film Festival.The Walkis a New York story, so I am delighted to be presenting the film to New York audiences first. My hope is that Festival audiences will be immersed in the spectacle, but also to be enraptured by the celebration of a passionate artist who helped give the wonderful towers a soul.

Rothman calledThe Walka love letter to the Twin Towers, which through the unique magic of cinema, come back to vibrant, inspiring life. But it is also a universal story of the determined pursuit of impossible dreams, told by one of our greatest living filmmakers, and the NYFF has always been a place where such dreams come true.

Gordon-Levitt stars with Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale, Ben Schwartz, Steve Valentine, Charlotte Le Bon, Clement Sibony, Caesar Domboy and Benedict Samuel. Zemeckis & Christopher Browne adapted the script from Petits memoirTo Reach the Clouds. Steve Starkey, Zemeckis, and Jack Rapke produced.

As studios try to find the right festival to launch fall films with award season ambitions, the New York Film Festival opening night slot has become an increasingly important prestige venue. Here are the recent opening nighters:

2013Captain Phillips(Paul Greengrass, U.S.)

2011Carnage(Roman Polanski, France/Poland)

2010The Social Network(David Fincher, U.S.)

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Tomi Lahren Apologizes For Disparaging Remarks Made Against Kennedy

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This Is Us Star Chrissy Metz Set To Topline The Impossible

No Joke: French Academy To Honor Box Office Performance With New Csar Award

Casting Director Lindsay Chag Found Guilty Of Violating Talent Scam Prevention Act

Alexandra Loewy To Head Working Titles U.S. Film Operations As New President

U.K.s Zycon and Chinas DeZerlin Draw Up Mega Animation Pact

American Crime Story: Versace Recap: Im Not Like Most Escorts&039

Game of Thrones could literally Spoil The Handmaids Tale

SATC3: Andy Cohen Begs For Kim Cattralls Role In Raunchy

Trump supports the idea of a nationwide internet sales tax

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (E Zhan) Film Review

See Movies, Mega-Vision Pictures, Henan Film & TV Group, Henan Film Studio

White-knuckle action scenes belie a dearth of flesh-and-blood ITTER

Newcomer Philip Ng and a cast of mostly martial-arts veterans star in producer Wong Jings second Shanghai-set, 1930s gangland actioner in as many years.

Throughout his career, Hong Kong screenwriter-directorWong Jinghas been known for making tills ring by milking fads dry and true to form, his latest film is a prime exemplar of thatmodus operandi. Wasting no time to follow his bigger-budget, Bona-backed 1930s gangland dramaThe Last Tycoon which took $24.5 million during its month-long run in China just a year ago he has now returned with a similarly-themed but modest-sized production shaped to capitalize on the recent demand for action-filled bromances, demonstrated by the critical and commercial success of films likeDante LamsUnbeatable.

Its no surprise, therefore, to see scant originality inOnce Upon A Time in Shanghai, whether in its title (theSergio Leone/Tsui Hark-aping English handle is accompanied by an original Chinese version E Zhantaking its cue from that ofUnbeatableandJohnnie TosDrug War), premise (its a reworking of a story twice adapted on film and thrice as a TV series) and patriotic leanings (with typical caricatures of Japanese villains probably designed to exploit the nationalist sentiments invoked by the current Sino-Japanese political standoff over the Diaoyu Islands).

PHOTOS: China Box Office 2013: The Top 10 Movies

For all its flaws — ranging from thin characterization in Wongs screenplay to directorWongChing-pos heavy-handed deployment of slow-motion trickery and stirring muzak –Shanghaiflickers only throughYuenCheung-yans action choreography, ably brought alive by a cast featuring the martial-arts genres prime upstarts or elder statesmen. With their fights basically burning expressways to each others (and the viewers) skulls,Shanghaishould play well to hardcore kung-fu aficionados as an exotic artifact, what with its pedigree of revisiting a Shaw Brothers classic (namelyChangChehsThe Boxer from Shantung, from 1972). Its perhaps araison detrethat explains its surprising presence at International Film Festival Rotterdam, where it will make its international premiere in the Spectrum section entry next week.

Just likeThe Boxer from Shantung(and the 1997 filmHero, also a Shaw Brothers production),Shanghairefashions the real-life 19thcentury martial arts expert Ma Yongzhen into a fighter caught in the crossfire of the titular citys chaotic mob wars in the 1930s. Unlike in these previous incarnations — where the character succumbs to the temptations of power and money as the modern-day metropolis eats into him –Shanghais Ma is purity personified a laBruce LeeinFists of Fury. Rather than going through some kind of rite of passage, the penniless country boy (played byPhilip Ng, a Chicago-educated martial arts actor getting top-billing for the first time) here remains steadfastly principled, a perennial beacon of moral light burning undimmed even as he befriends the ambitious wannabe Godfather Long Qi (Andy On,Cold War). Instead of revealing some kind of evil id under his new best friends corrosive influence, Ma — who continues to live in a back-alley ghetto presided over by the righteous master Tie (Sammo Hung) — actually converts Long, with the latter slowly growing into a good gangster as they go to war against a triumvirate of old-school, opium-hawking mobsters (played byYuen Chuen-yanhimself,Fung Hak-onandChen Kuan-tai, the original Ma Yongzhen inBoxer from Shantung) and their Japanese backers.

Its a simplistic, wafer-thin narrative that belies an early pretense of an epic about a tumultuous episode in Chinese history (the film begins with a heavily-stylized opening sequence in which images of a ships hold packed with ailing and worse-for-wear migrs play backdrop to on-screen texts speaking of people rushing to a city of dreams where only the strong survive). Its telling that the first impression of Shanghai that wows Ma isnt the vistas of the famous Bund; instead, he (and the viewer) is made to marvel at the citys splendor through the very limited image of a well-attired couple kissing in a back alley as a single limousine passes by behind them. Rather than an intentional avoidance of visual bombast, this scene only serves as a template of the thinly-layered proceedings to follow. For all its bone-cracking action sequences,Shanghaiis in general as undercooked as its special effects.

Just as the ample flying axes and machetes — inexplicably, no one uses a gun in this film — suggests a 3-D project unrealized, the half-baked story struggles to generate a complete engagement with the characters trials and tribulations in a merciless, fatalistic haven of criminality, and (as we now know) eventual occupation by a brutal invading power. Once upon a time, Ma Yongzhens story was deployed as an effective morality tale and kickstarted the golden age of the gangster genre in Hong Kong filmmaking; here, its turned into a spectacle and not much else.

Venue: Public screening, Hong Kong, Jan. 16, 2014

Production Companies: See Movies, Mega-Vision Pictures, Henan Film & TV Group, Henan Film Studio

Cast: Philip Ng, Andy On, Sammo Hung, Hu Ran, Chen Kuan-tai, Yuen Cheung-yan, Fung Hak-on

Executive Producers: Wong Jing, Wong Ai-ling, Zong Xuejie, Li Yan

Music: Anthony Cheng, Hubert Ho, So Wang-ngai

International Sales: Mega-Vision Pictures


Set in the early 1990s, this sitcom features the personal exploits of teenage Erin. Terrible with boys …

Hunted – Season 3 Hunted is a British reality television programme on Channel 4 whose first series ran …

In the season premiere, the Cloud 9 employees rush to finish re-building the store in time for its grand …

In the season premiere, after Michael erases their memories, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason find themselves …

Season 9 is set eleven years after last being seen, continues to follow Will and Grace whose political …

In the season premiere, Bonnie gets cold feet when considering her future with Adam; Christy risks failing …

In the season premiere, the Hughes move into John and Joans home after their kitchen is destroyed; Matt …

Cardinal is a Canadian crime drama television series, which premiered January 25, 2017. The second season …

Season 6 opens with most of the squad still trapped inside the warehouse fire and Chief Boden making …

Oliver deals with the fallout of the explosion on the island, as Season 6 begins. Later, Anatoly returns …

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Chon Wang, who works as a sheriff in Carson City, receives a letter from her sister Chon Lin in China that his estranged father is murdered. Lin is keeping track of the murder and informs Wang that he is in England. Chon, with the help of his old partner Roy OBannon, makes the way to London for revenge.

Actors:Owen WilsonFann WongJackie Chan

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Top 10 tourist attractions in Shanghai

Learn about some of the top tourist attractions in Shanghai as well as some that are not so well known.

In just a little more than a decade, Shanghai has transformed itself into the model for 21st century China. Western tourists find a place like no other in China that offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere alongside a rich Chinese culture. Skyscrapers line the skies looking over classical architecture and ancient pagodas. This blend of old and new offers tourists a wide variety of experiences that are sure to be memorable.

The following is only a short list of the sights and attractions that Shanghai has to offer:

1. The Bund -This famous waterfront has been Shanghais center since the mid-1800s. It offers a taste of the past with the colonial structures along the promenade and a view of the future across the river in Pudong. The citys historical landmarks as well as new 21st century structures can all be seen along the 1 mile walk. It can get extremely crowded during the day, so try to see it in the early mornings along with the locals doing tai-chi or at night under the glow of all the buildings.

2. See the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe -This world-famous acrobatic troupe performs nightly at the Shanghai Center Theatre showcasing their incredible talents. Balancing acts, contortionists, plate-spinning and complicated juggling are just a few of the many amazing acts in the two hour show. Be sure to bring your camera!

3. Shanghai Museum -Considered by many to be the best museum in China, the Shanghai Museum has 11 galleries and over 120,000 historic artifacts. The Stone Sculpture Gallery and the Bronze gallery are the most popular with collections dating back to the 18th century B.C. There are also special exhibitions on occasion that can be quite fascinating.

4. Huangpu River Cruise -With so many different cruise options, there is no excuse not to enjoy at least a short river cruise. Cruises range from a quick 30 minutes to 4 hours. Along the way you will see the glory of Shanghai from a completely new perspective. The Bund, Jin Mao Tower, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Huangpu Park are just a few of the many sights to be seen. Some evening cruises also include dinner under the glittering lights of Shanghais skyscrapers.

5. Jade Buddha Temple -Shanghais most famous temple is known for its white jade Buddhas carved from a single slab of Burmese jade. Brought to Shanghai in 1881, the statues are housed in separate houses amongst beautiful jewels and stones. In addition there are also ancient carvings, paintings and precious Buddhist cultural relics.

6. Nanjing Lu -Nanjing Road is by far the most popular shopping street in Shanghai. Crowds jam the pedestrian walkway for shopping and sightseeing every day of the week. At night the neon lights shine like the Las Vegas strip. With hundreds of shops and restaurants there is something for everyone. It runs west to east from Peoples Park all the way to the Bund.

7. Yu Yuan Garden -In the center of Old Town, just southwest of the Bund, the Garden of Peace and Comfort offers an escape from the fast pace of the surrounding city. With 30 pavilions and over 5 acres, this 16th century garden can be explored for days. Of the many temples and halls, the Grand Rockery is the most popular. Two thousand tons of rare yellow stones are combined with rice glue to form a massive sculpture that stands 46 feet high.

8. Xin Tian Di -Shanghais most popular restaurant and bar district is a great example of the success of the urban renewal effort. Tourists and locals alike pack the streets day and night. Xin Tian Di is divided into the North and South Blocks. The South Block is the more modern of the two and is home to one of Chinas first major shopping centers as well as boutiques, restaurants and nightclubs. Shikumen architecture lines the streets in the North Block providing a contrast to the modernity of the South Block.

9.Shanghai World Financial Center-For a good overview of the city, there is no better spot than the top ofShanghai World Financial Centerin Pudong. With 101 floors above ground level and soaring to a height of 492m, it is currently the worlds tallest completed building by roof. Park Hyatt Shanghai is the hotel component, becoming the highest in the world, surpassing the Grand Hyatt Shanghai on the 53rd to 87th floors of the neighboring Jin Mao Tower.

10. Peace Hotel -This magnificent hotel was built in 1929 and remained as one of the finest hotels in the world through the 1930s. Take a walk through the lobby, eighth-floor ballroom and up to the rooftop for a great view of the Bund and Nanjing Lu.

StudioCity Cinema

The theater is a little too long and not high enough at the back which makes it very weird when you are seated at the back.

. 3D glasses too small, with reflective coating, cant see clearly

studiocity cinema shanghai location

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(), Jng chng s

ChinaAt:Westgate MallGet directionsLikely open(See when people check in)

People tend to check in during these times:

1038 Westgate Mall, 1038 Nanjing Rd. W. ()

Totally overpriced, but I like to come here for organic vegetables, sashimi, and japanese fast food.

Visa Section, U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai

The pick up hours are short so plan your visit with a stop for food somewhere nearby

10387 Westgate Mall, 7/F, 1038 Nanjing Rd. W. (At Jiangning Rd.)

One of my favorite Chinese restaurants, food, atmosphere, and decoration always very good

160 160 Xinhua Rd ( Panyu Rd)

Youll get the biggest 20s and 30s Art Deco fix here; from the wrought iron railings to the up-lit stuccos, lashings of Italian marble and the signature font on the public signs. Tickets: 40-60RMB.

1038 Nanjing (W) Rd 1038 ()

Amazing fresh food cafeteria in the basement!

Lots of choices of food! Dont miss the chocolate place house of flour aka HOF they have a great hot or ice chocolate drink

The Vietnamese-style rolls with prawn, chicken and avocado are wonderful; much better than their summer rolls

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Shanghai Animation Film Studio

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Shanghai Animation Film Studio(simplified Chinese:;traditional Chinese:;pinyin:Shng Hi Mi Sh Din Yng Zh Pin Chng) also known asSAFS(simplified Chinese:;traditional Chinese:;pinyin:Mi Yng Chng) is a part of theShanghai Film Group Corporation. Founded in April 1957 in Shanghai, it is one of the oldest animation studios in China. It has produced around 500 films with over 40,000 minutes of original animation data source, covering 80% of Chinas domestic animation production. It has the title of the most valuable repository of animation in China. It was probably the only animation studio inChairman Maos China and produced numerous classic animated films that are still popular today.[1]

SAFS film were produced in various art forms with Chinese characteristics that has a rich and profound traditional Chinese culture, includingJianzhiShuimohuaPuppetoonZhezhi (also known as origami)Shadow puppetry, etc. It also had several international cooperations with various studios around the world.[2]

Chinese people born after 1950 have all grown up with animations produced by SAFS. It has become an essential part of childhood memory of all generations since the 1950s.[3]

Shanghai Animation Film Studio was a former cartoon group under the art department ofNortheast Film Studio. Northeast Film Studio was established in theon October 1, 1946, after the disbandment of its predecessorManchukuo Film Association. It was the first known studio established by acommunist party.[4]

In 1948, the cartoon group was pulled out from the art department and became an individual department called animation department. It was soon divided toShanghai Film Studiothe following year, afterMao Zedongproclaimed thePeoples Republic of China (PRC)from atop Tiananmen. By 1950, the whole department had moved to Shanghai along withthe Wan Brothersas well as great artists fromCentral Academy of Fine Artsthe Art Institute of Suzhouand other leading institutions. The studios animators developed their unique style of rich Chinese characteristic after the success ofThe Conceited GeneralandThe Magical Penin both the domestic and international markets. In 1955, they produced the first Chinese colour animationWhy is the Crow Black-Coated. It was also the first Chinese animation that won international prizes.

Shanghai Animation Film Studio was finally established in April 1957 with the help of government funding. They were way behind the world technically, but were encouraged to make films by using unique Chinese techniques only. In 1958 the Wan brothers created a new technique,Jianzhi. In 1960, a new form of animation,Zhezhi (also known as origami), was created by Yu Zheguang along with his filmCnmn De Yzi(The Smart Duckling). In the same year, Te Wei developed an animation technique ofink washwhich was inspired by the famous ink wash artistQi Baishito make his filmWhere is Mama. He said

This type of painting was very famous and had a long history, so I thought we should do animation this way. Qi Baishi painted a lot of tadpoles and shrimp; we thought wed make them move. We tried many ways before they moved. We made samples and showed them to the art association and got a strong positive reaction.

Where is Mamawas recognized in many international film festivals, including the Locarno International Film Festival in 1961, the 4th Annecy International Animation Film Festival in 1962 and 17th Cannes Film Festival in 1964.[6]

Chinese animation was in its golden age until theCultural Revolutionbroke out in 1966. Fortunately the government did not cut Shanghai Animation Film Studios funding. Animation was the only art form Chairman Mao allowed that artists could freely use to express ideas. Ironically, by freely Chairman Mao also meant ideas that support the party. Only a few animations could be produced during this time, includingSupport Vietnamese to Fight Against America,Expose the Peace Negotiation Conspiracy of America, andAfter School. The animations were purely red washed. This had a serious impact, and slowed the progress of Chinese animation.

In 1992, one of the first western companies to come in contact with the studio was Prrfect Animation inSan FranciscoUnited States. They attempted to bring efficiency, dependability and quality control into the program.[7]In 2001, the studio became part of theShanghai Film Group Corporation.

In March 2013, the studio suedApple Inc.for selling over 110 of their films iniTuneswithout authorization.[8]

A concern of SAFS today isbrain drain. After 1965, American producers were forced to seek out cheap artist labours in less developed countries in order to cut their budget, due to the rising labour cost of domestic animation artists. Japan was their first choice. This boosted the development of animation production in Japan and Asia. As the Japanese industry matures, the cost rises. Japanese artists are no longer the first choice of American producers. The emergence of gifted young animation artists with minimum wage in China after theChinese economic reformbecame their new option. High income with welfare promises has successfully attracted many young talents to work for American Companies.[9]

On the Move: The Trans/national Animated Film in 1940s-1970s China

The cradle of Chinese Cartoon – Shanghai Animation Film Studio about us.

Shanghai Animation Film Studio – Indtroduce

. Archived fromthe originalon 10 November 2014

Hello childhood – Is diting Shanghai Animation Film Studio also a part of your childhood?.

Chinese Movie Industry: Northeast Film Studio

Creating Classics: The Golden Ages of Animation in China.

queensland art gallery of modern art

. Archived fromthe originalon 7 August 2014

. Archived fromthe originalon 16 July 2014

Hutman, Kenneth.Sinomation: Shanghai Animation Studio — Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Reisinger, Don (29 March 2013).Chinese animation studio sues Apple over iTunes Store sales.

Zhangh, Yue (2005-04-14).Shanghai Animation Film Studio: from the innocent days to the world wa. BJNEWS

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Imagi International Holdings Limited

Chengdu JinXi Cultural Media and Production Company

List of Chinese film-production companies before 1949

Entertainment companies established in 1957

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Chinas first 3D Peking Opera film debuts in Shanghai

The first Chinese film using native 3D technology to capture theartof Peking Opera,

The 3D adaptation, based on the classic love story between the legend of Xiang Yu and his beloved concubine, Yu Ji, combines traditional Chinese culture and modern technology, according to director Teng Junjie.

By including a high-tech and modern touch, audiences can appreciate the beauty of Peking Opera while enjoying the story from their own perspective, Teng said.

When heroes in the film throw knives at the screen, audiences feel the weapon flying towards them. When Yu Ji performs with Xiangs sword, the audiences feel like they are dancing alongside her. With 3D technologyViewers are more engaged in the story, and not just watching the film as outsiders, Teng said.

The 3D film has been criticized for using modern technology solely for the purpose of pocketing box office sales, and downgrading the essence of the traditional performing art.

Using the latest technology is the best way for younger viewers to appreciate traditional culture, Teng responds.

Two lead roles are filled by 75-year-old veteran performer Shang Changrong and rising star Shi Yihong.

Ive shot many Peking Opera films, but it was my first attempt at a 3D film. I think the most beautiful moments of the art of Peking Opera were captured and the actors delivered their finest and most exquisite performances on screen. Peking Opera is going abroad through the most modern media. Im looking forward to that, Shang said at the premiere.

Shi said she hopes themoviecan draw global attention to Chinese art.

Farewell My Concubinemade its international debut in Hollywood at the Dolby Theater on May 30, 2014 and was given an award for Live Broadcast Music Entertainment by the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society in January this year.

3D film Farewell My Concubine debuts in Hollywood

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Shanghai (2012

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Prime leader of a campaign against a big government project is killed in what appears to be a road accident. An IAS officer is ordered to probe the incident and the veils of falsehood begin to drop.

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