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3D figurines are now available to be delivered to pet lovers worldwide!

Each and every 3D model 3D PETSHOP creates is individually crafted in Japan by professional 3D designers and is now available to be delivered to pet lovers worldwide.

Tokyo, Japan September 03, 2016 3D PETSHOP Inc. today announced the new worldwide availability of its 3D printing services for the companys unique 3D pet figurines. 3D PETSHOP specializes in creating full-color 3D models of cats and dogs, crafted from a one-of-a-kind digital model and custom-made for owners and their pets.

3D printing has enjoyed recent popularity in the media, but 3D PETSHOP goes beyond the hype, using in-depth technical knowledge and expertise to design digital 3D models that result in one-of-a-kind, high-quality 3D figurines of your pets.

State-of-the-Art Craftsmanship with 3D TechnologyWhole body figurines, even from a single photo

Not only can 3D PETSHOP reproduce your pets pose as it appears in a specific photo, but 3D PETSHOP can also create body parts that arent visible in the photo. For example, customers can request a specific facial expression or pose. Unlike mechanical 3D scanning, our 3D modeling process will recreate your pets unique personality and warmth.

The quality of a 3D model is only as good as its designers technical skill. 3D PETSHOP only employs the finest Japanese 3D design technicians with the customers satisfaction in mind.

3D PETSHOPs 3D figurines are printed in Japan with the latest 3D printing technology. 3D PETSHOP uses the highest quality plaster to produce a 3D figurine printed in full color by our commercial 3D printers.

3D PETSHOPs figurines are available to order online with pricing set at $500 USD for the small size (2.4-2.7in / 6-7cm in length), $600 USD for the medium size (3.5-3.9in / 9-10cm in length), and $750 USD for the large size (4.7-5.1in / 12-13cm in length).

More information, including promotional pricing, can be found online at

*Please note that customers may be responsible for additional customs-related charges, such as import duty and brokerage fees.

Founded in Tokyo, Japan, 3D PETSHOP is formed by a team of experienced 3DCG designers who are ready to create unique 3D model of your beloved pets. At 3D PETSHOP, our Japanese designers specialize solely in 3D model design, and we use a state-of-the-art 3D printing center in Japan that offers the latest 3D printing technology and world-class quality.

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3D models import

This page lists some sources of free 3D models that you may import inSweet Home 3D,

eitherone by oneor bygroup of models, andweb sitesthat propose 3D models.

Thefree 3D models pageproposes more than 1100 additional 3D models created by contributors and supported in thefurniture import wizardof Sweet Home 3D.

Sweet Home 3D lets you also import libraries of 3D models stored in SH3F files. A SH3F file groups some models with their description, and can be easily installed by double-clicking on it or by choosingFurniture Import furniture librarymenu item in Sweet Home 3D.

The following ZIP files contains a SH3F file you can import in Sweet Home 3D. These libraries contain the 3D models available at thefree models page. MB – 469 models – Free Art License) MB – 89 models – Free Art License) MB – 7 trees models – Free Art License) MB – 235 models – CC-BY License) MB – 90 models – CC-BY License) MB – 100 models – Public domain) MB – 120 models – CC-BY License) MB – 25 human models – CC-BY License)

You might also be interested by the blog articleAdditional contributors librairieswhich lists other special libraries of 3D models designed by some Sweet Home 3D contributors (2D symbols, plumbing, roof parts,).

To create your own models, you may use any software able to generate files in OBJ, DAE / Collada, KMZ or 3DS format, likeArt of IllusionorBlenderfree software. If needed, you may also create your own SH3F files with the downloadableFurniture Library Editor.

If you want to propose your models in thefree 3D models page, please post them in3D Models ContributionsTracking System.

The following sites offer also some free 3D models in OBJ, DAE, KMZ or 3DS formats supported by the furniture import wizard ofSweet Home 3D:

Trimble 3D Warehouse(a big choice of models in KMZ and Collada format)

Resources.blogscopia(free well designed models shown alsohere)

ArchiBit Generation(various well designed models)

Free the models(furniture tested in Sweet Home 3D)

Archive3D(many models but some of them cant be imported in Sweet Home 3D)

ODG8(a few models of furniture available in the market)

Baumgarten Enterprises(a few interesting models, generally for industrial purpose)

3D Meshes Research Database(many simple models but some of them cant be imported in Sweet Home 3D)

*AboutTrimble 3D Warehouse, 3D models in KMZ format can be imported in Sweet Home 3D from version 4.4. Models only available in SKP/SketchUp format can be easily converted to DAE/Collada format by choosingFile Export 3D Model…menu item in the free version ofSketchUp.

If Sweet Home 3D refuses to import some of the ZIP files proposed on these sites, please unzip them first.

Please respect the license of the models that you may download on these web sites.

Propose other sites or report a dead link

Custom trophies

Custom made statues, awards and promotional gadgets

Our passion is creativity and innovation. We are a group of talented graphic designers, 3D modeling artists and creative managers. Together we form a powerful team specializing in the production of custom promotional statues, trophies, awards and corporate gadgets.

TMB Custom Models

TMB Custom Models is a full service model shop. We produce highly detailed models for private collectors, model railroad enthusiasts, museums and industry. We will fabricate any type of model from locomotives, to aircraft, from rolling stock to starships, from structures to tanks, and more. Our goal is to provide you with the custom models you want.

We specialize in matching to your detailed specifications, whether it is super-detailing your locomotives or scratch-building rolling stock. Supply us with your prototype photographs, drawings, sketches or ideas and we will make your ideas come to life!

We will assemble, paint, detail & weather kits to meet your needs and specifications. We treat all kit assembly and custom painting projects as an opportunity to enhance your collection. We give every model in our shop the same care and special touches that set our models apart from the rest. Visit our services page for a complete listing of the different type of services we offer.

Send us a message or call us for a quote. All inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours.

custom paintball marker 3d models

When photographing paintball markers I found it was difficult to get them to stand properly on display. I created the stand to keep the marker up right for display. The end has…

A paintball marker charm I made to give out at local big games. Looks great as a keychain or lanyard flair. This version is exclusive to MMF. Printing Details …

High resolution and realistic, fully detailed and textured Paintball marker AIM Autococker.Fully detailed, textured model. Detailed enough for close-up renders. Comes with detailed normal maps…

High resolution and realistic, fully detailed and textured Paintball marker Tippmann X7.Fully detailed, textured model. Detailed enough for close-up renders.Originally modelled in 3ds max 8….

A practice object done in sketchup V2 added depth to hopper+ SKETCHUP FILE INCLUDED …

Tippmann Project Salvo Paintball Marker

The Project Salvo Paintball Marker. This marker uses many of the same parts as the Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker. Credit to Brad Cottrell for reference material (Brad…

Paintball Marker/Gun 3D Model for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Softimage, Blender and other 3D modeling and animation software.This 3D object can be downloaded in .max, .obj, .3ds,…

Inspired by the game Borderlands. Not an excuse, just an explanation. ūüėČ This is an old WIP sketchup project but the parts survived many games and the actual IM plastic of the marker…

Paintball Virtue Top Shell Custom by TCD Maker

Bonjour tous, voici quelques custom de coque suprieur pour Virtue Spire! Si vous navez pas dimprimante 3D je suis la nhsitez pas :

P99 Rear Sight Rap4 RAM Paintball Marker

Replacement rear sight for RAP4 RAM p99 marker. Friction fit. Print with the back of the sight down. I used whiteout and a black sharpie to finish the two dot sight.

Spyder Victor Paintball Marker Feedneck Picatinny Rail

Its designed to fit almost all of the spyder victor paintball markers. Please check in what side you need the side cut… there is a model for each side… …

PVC Potato Launcher or Paintball Marker

I was only able to find a adapter to 2 pipe. However it can be reduced further (about 1/2 or if you have a lathe, .68 is the approximate size of a paintball [it can vary]). It can be used…

Milsig CQC paintball marker remote air adapter

Paintballers!! Woodsballers!! This is a work in progress. This adapter is to slide onto the rear of the Milsig M17 CQC paintball marker and allow a remote line adapter to slide…

Customized version of Created with Customizer! the following…

Customized version of Created with Customizer! the following…

A practice object done in sketchup V2 added depth to hopper+ SKETCHUP FILE INCLUDED

Hey guys this is my first upload. This was my finial project for my solid works class. Well Im pretty proud of it and wanted to show it off so take a look tell me what you think about it.

409738 3d models found for: custom paintball marker

7 Cool Custom 3D Printed Computer Case Mods

3D printing has taken the maker community by storm. So its no surprise 3D printed computer case mods are becoming more popular slowly, as 3D printing is a great way to customize things quickly. We went out and looked for the most impressive examples.

Whats cool about it: Pretty much everything, right?

What was 3D printed?The design is inspired by the National Aquatics Centre in Bejing. Its aluminium casing has been hand spun on a lathe. On the inside most of the mounting plates have either been laser cut or 3D printed.

Where can I find it?TheProject Logis right here.

Whats cool about it: It looks like its ready to just spread its wings and would fly away.

What was 3D printed?The Wings of the Vesper are done in SLS from Nylon.

Where can I find it?Right inthis build log.

Whats cool about it: Its a remote control tank with a built-in PC . Need we to say more?

What was 3D printed?: Almost every part.

Where can I find it?: Here are thefilesfor downloading plus a build log.

Whats cool about it: The wireframe-like look and that its completely printed, not only the parts.

What was 3D printed?: The case top and bottom. And the key, of course.

Where can I find it?: Right at thisBuildlog.

Whats cool about it: We like the modular approach to get a relatively big part into a small build volume.

What was 3D printed?: The whole case structure

Where can I find it?: TheBuildlogis here.

Whats cool about it: We like theprinciples found in art moderne: straight edges with rounded corners. Looks like a retro toaster.

What was 3D printed?: The whole case.

Where can I find it?: TheProject Logis at

Whats cool about it: We love the slick look and the perfection it was made with. It looks like it is manufactured not tinkered.

What was 3D printed?Most part of the front, the cable management and the logo in some places.

Where can I find it?RepRapSquadBuildlog

Do you know more fully or partially 3D printed computercase mods? Please share them in the comments!

License: The text of7 Cool Custom 3D Printed Computer Case ModsbyAll3DPis licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Scale Reproductions

specializing in custom-crafted scale models for all major industries

specializing in custom-crafted scale models for all major industries

specializing in custom-crafted scale models for all major industries

specializing in custom-crafted scale models for all major industries

specializing in custom-crafted scale models for all major industries

specializing in custom-crafted scale models for all major industries

specializing in custom-crafted scale models for all major industries

specializing in custom-crafted scale models for all major industries

specializing in custom-crafted scale models and

Our team offers over 100 years of combined experience, this allows us to provide you with the best scale model.

We pride ourselves on our high quality products and only use 100% U.S. procured materials and labor and guaranteed to meet customer specifications.

Scale Reproductions specializes in custom-crafted scale models and prototypes for all major industries.

Thank you for all the hard work on the FedEx Express model truck. It looks great and FedEx Express is blown away. When they finally get the model in the final location at the FedEx Express Customer Experience Center, I will get you guys a picture. You have been a great sport through all of this and your entire staff made this a very easy experience. I truly hope we will be working on another project very soon.

Scale Reproductions Site Powered ByDigiPro Media.

3D Print Your Own Leather Stamps

You can create some beautiful patterns and textures by stamping leather, but there are only so many options for pre-made leather stamps. I was excited by the idea of having full creative control over my leather projects with my own custom designed stamps, and I wanted to see if I could do it with 3D printing.

The stamps I ended up creating were simple to design and they worked surprisingly well. They might not have quite the durability or definition that metal stamps do, but they still created some great patterns. I now have a million more ideas for interesting ways to use this technique, and I think it has the potential to create some very unique designs that differ from the familiar leatherworking aesthetic. This would also be a great way to add a logo stamp to personalize your designs if you are creating leather pieces to sell.

Leather stamps need to be able to withstand a good amount of force and pressure, so creating them out of the right material is important.

At the Pier 9 studio we are lucky enough to have amazing Objet Connex 3D printers at our disposal. They are UV cure resin printers that print at a very high resolution in a few different materials. I chose to print my stamps in a hard ABS like material because it was supposedly the strongest. Even so, I was skeptical that it would hold up to the stamping process, but so far so good!

I havent tried printing in any other materials yet, but I doubt most other 3D print materials would be hard or strong enough. If you dont have access to an Objet you can send your stamp models to a printing service likeShapewaysorFathom. I would recommend talking to these services to determine which of their materials will work best for this purpose. Getting your shapes created with DMLS (direct metal laser sintering), which both of these printing services offer, would probably work even better.

– A Computer with a 3D modeling program – I usedAutodesk Fusion 360

-Inspiration for your stamp design – photos of interesting patterns, physical objects, a sketch, or just an idea

-A ruler to give you a sense of scale while youre modeling

-A few short steel or aluminum rods about 5-6 long and about 1/2 in diameter (hardwood dowels might be strong enough as well)

-Clamps or another means of holding your rods upright

-Gloves, a dish to mix your epoxy and a stirring stick

-Leather you want to create a pattern on – this needs to be a veg tanned leather thick enough to stamp likethese

-Aquartz slabor very hard surface as a base for stamping

-A softerboardto go over the quartz – this will help prevent your stamps from breaking

*Optional -leather dyeorstainand afinishorsealer

I designed 3 different stamp patterns for this experiment:

-A geometric stamp that I thought would look good stamped in a grid

-A stamp loosely based on a circuit board for more random pattern creation

-A faceted stamp that would create a simple interesting texture

I created the first two by finding images I liked, importing them into Fusion as canvases and sketching over them. I then extruded these sketches to a height of about 2-3mm and added details. In my first iteration, I left the top surfaces of the stamps fairly flat, but I found that chamfering the edges so they came to more of a point at the top helped the pattern have better definition when stamped.

I created the faceted stamp by making simple pyramid shapes in Fusion and putting them together. My first version of this stamp had too much relief, so that when it was stamped, only the very tips of the pyramids made imprints in the leather. I fixed this by playing with the scale in the Z axis.

By varying the depth of features in your stamps, you can create some difference in line weight, relief and shading, but this will only work within a very small range of about 2mm or less.

I also kept my stamps between about 2 and 3 centimeters across and printed some in different scales to see what looked good. I think you could potentially go bigger, but eventually you wont be able to exert enough pressure with a hammer to make a good impression with a large stamp.

To finish my stamps, I gave them each a solid base about 5mm thick. I cropped the profile of the bases roughly around the shape of my designs to make it easy to see when you are stamping and line up your stamps. I also cut out a socket on the underside of each stamp. I made this socket the diameter of my aluminum rods and about 2mm deep. This will help hold the rods in place on the stamps.

To print my stamps I exported them as STLs and loaded them into the Objet print software.

The Objet printers give you the option to print in glossy or matte finish. I chose glossy because it left the top surface of my stamps free of support material and gave them better definition.

These 5 stamps took about an hour to print.

Once your stamps are printed you can attach them to the rods you will use to hammer your design… but you dont have to.

I didnt have enough rods for all my stamps, so I left some of them separate and just placed a rod over them every time I wanted to hammer a stamp. It was slightly less convenient, but seemed to work just as well, especially for the larger stamps. Your choice.

To attach the rods, first make sure they are cut into 5-6 lengths. I used a cold metal saw to cut my aluminum rod, and then filed away the sharp burrs with a metal hand file.

I used clamps to fix my rod lengths in a vertical position for easy gluing.

Wearing gloves, I squeezed equal parts of my two part epoxy into a cup and mixed them together.

I applied a small amount of epoxy to the socket in the base of each stamp and stuck them to the ends of each rod. After about 10 minutes they were ready!

I recommend testing your stamps before stamping them on anything important.

First assemble a good stamping surface. Do this by placing your poundo board over your marble or other hard surface.

Now case your leather by applying water to both sides with a sponge. You want it to be damp, not soaked. Leather too dry will be hard to stamp, leather too wet wont hold the stamping patterns as well. It is better not to use a metal container for your water, as it can cause the leather to discolor. Wait a few minutes until your leather has gone back to its original color to begin stamping.

When you are ready to stamp, place your stamp on the leather and hold it down firmly (I found it was best to hold towards the middle of the metal rod and rest the heel of my hand on the board for a firm grip). Take you mallet and strike the end of your metal rod firmly. One firm strike works best. Striking more than once risks making the stamp bounce out of place and create a double image.

To use your unattached stamps, just place a metal rod in the socket on the back of the stamp and pound the same way.

If your leather starts to dry out while stamping, re-wet the whole thing with a sponge.

Try arranging your stamps in different ways to create textures and patterns. Lightly tracing a grid on your leather beforehand can help you create an even all-over pattern.

Treating your leather with dye or stain after stamping it can help bring out your patterns in an interesting way. Also, sealing veg tanned leather is a good idea if you want it to be durable and water resistant.

I used Tandys Eco-Flo leather dye to dye my leather, and Eco-Flo Satin Shene to seal it.

Dye can be applied with a brush, a sponge or a rag. It can also be diluted to get lighter colors. You can find a detailed description of leather dying techniques inthis excellent Instructablebyjessyratfink.

After your leather is dyed to your liking, let it dry completely before sealing. I applied my Satin Shene with a slightly damp sponge. I gave it two coats, letting it dry in between.

Some dyes and leathers will interact differently. I had a hard time getting an even coat with the brown dye I tried and wasnt too happy with the final result, but loved the effect of the black and red. I think this may have had more to do with the type of leather I used with each stamp than the dye itself.

Now that I know this technique can achieve good results, Im excited to apply it to different projects.

Custom stamps would be perfect for adding patterns to belts, bags, wallets, and all kinds of other leather work projects. Stamps created with a company name or logo could be a great way to make your mark on hand made designs.

Also, a lot of tooled leatherwork designs get their character from the tools used to detail the patterns, and being able to supplement my library of Tandy tools with my own custom textures and patterns opens up even more aesthetic possibilities.

Please be positive and constructive.

Add ImagesPostTipsAdd TipQuestionsAsk Question25 Commentssinotools.allen4 months agoReply

How exactly do you create the stamp bases in fusion?

Do you have any experience using Fusion? It was really fairly simple. I explain most of the process in Step 3. For most of the stamps I imported images or sketches of patterns I wanted to use, then used the sketch tool to trace them. I then extrude the sketches and chamfered the edges to give the stamps more of a sharp cutting edge. To create a base under the stamp detail I sketched rough shapes around the stamp details and then extruded these to make a think base under the stamp details. To create an indentation for the aluminum rods, I sketched a circle on the back of the stamp and extruded it to cut a few millimeters into the stamp. I hope that helps. If you need some basic pointers in using fusion, check out Jon-a-trons 3D printing Class on the Instructables Class page ūüôā

Thanks very much! I didnt think to extrude another sketch on the back side of the design! I have been able to design and print some stamps for a client of mine thanks to your tutorial. : )

Now, i just need how to build a 3D printer….

loved your project! thought i w/add this info for those of you that hv

tried to download the Fusion 360, but only hv a 32-bit OS. There are 2

alternatives that might be of assistance in your development. Try:or just may work out for you. I plan to try myself. Respectfully, Margo

not necessarily. You can use things like :3

Nice! I used a 3d printed stamp for my armors emblem and the edging a few years ago.

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Brain 3

Accurate very high definition brain model. A sectioned version and a closed version are included.Also included are the textures for a version with number on the surface of the different parts of the brain, a text document with the names for the numbered parts of the brain and textures for a version without numbers.

The model has been created using a 3D scan of a anatomical correct brain model as reference.

The extremely high detail is achieved by using high resolution normal bump maps. This way the rendering speed is very fast while you have an amazingly detailed model. As the textures have a size of 2048×2048 pixels, close up renderings are possible.

Meshsmooth is applied so you can set the object resolution as you like.

Poly Smooth is applied so you can set the object resolution as you like.

The model is available in 3 different resolutions ranging from 23899 to 381872 Polygons. The lowest poly-version is the SubD. hull. So you can use it easily as SubD in any Software supporting SubD.

The model is available in 3 different resolutions ranging from 23899 to 381872 Polygons. The lowest poly-version is the SubD. hull. So you can use it easily as SubD in any Software supporting SubD.

The model is available in 3 different resolutions ranging from 23899 to 381872 Polygons. The lowest poly-version is the SubD. hull. So you can use it easily as SubD in any Software supporting SubD.

The model is available in 3 different resolutions ranging from 47670 to 763744Polygons.

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