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Printify a Free 3D Printing Service and eCommerce Marketplace

Printify: a Free 3D Printing Service and eCommerce Marketplace

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Printify: a Free 3D Printing Service and eCommerce Marketplace

The new Printify platform provides 3D printing companies and individual 3D printer owners a way to offer their services to interested customers easily and with little hassle. The service allows small businesses worldwide to take orders and payments for 3D printing services online, without requiring expensive or complicated e-commerce software.

The service is completely free for customers, but 3D printer owners only need to pay 10% of the charged service fee. Printify says that there are no other fees and, once a business registers, they have full access to the service. Businesses can accept payment via PayPal, bank transfer or if the customer is local they can accept payment in person.

Customers looking for a local or experienced 3D printing company simply need to register for an account and then upload the STL file that needs to be 3D printed. Once Printify visualizes the model and confirms that it can be printed, the printing parameters simply need to be set. 3D printing service providers can be filtered based on price, technology, proximity, materials, color and even the types of 3D printing axis.

After a provider has been selected, the order just needs to be finalized and placed online. The company will confirm the price, material and printing options before payment. This service is completely free to customers, the only fees that are paid will be a 10% fee collected from the 3D printing service provider based on the cost of the service selected. Shipping costs or pick-up options can also be handled online.

The service isnt just for 3D printing businesses, however; anyone who owns a 3D printer can register their machine and its capabilities to offer printing services. Just create your account on Printify, submit the registration form and, once the account has been verified, you can complete your profile. After you set your printer type, shipping options and select your currency options, youre ready to start offering your services.

While there is no shortage of services that can connect users to 3D printers, they often include fees and commissions for service providers and customers alike. Printifys flat 10% commission rate is pretty attractive, as is the ability to not have to worry about any of the pricing or estimates. You can find out more about the service onPrintifys website.

Scott J Grunewald often writes about comics, pop culture, technology and social issues and has a keen interest in what happens when the needs of commerce, art and science inevitably intersect. He also likes writing about bacon. This isnt the greatest bio in the world. This is just a tribute.

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Conrad Electronic Teams Up with trinckle 3D to Introduce New 3D Printing Service

bySarah SaundersFeb 2, 20173D PrintingBusiness

Germany-basedConrad Electronicis one of the largest and most-trusted electronics providers in Europe, with over 4,000 employees and a constantly growing range of products that includes electronic components, cable and tools, computers, communication technologies, and the latest consumer electronic devices. It also has a comprehensive range of services, delivered through both local and online retail facilities, as well as e-procurement solutions and its own sales force. So it makes sense that the company decided it would be a good idea to partner up with 3D printing service providertrinckle 3D, also headquartered in Germany, to introduce Conrads brand new 3D printing service, aimed at hobbyists and professionals alike.

Weve heard about some of trinckle 3Ds other partnerships, like withdelivery service TNT GermanyandLuxexcel, known for its optical components. The company was founded in 2013 and made headlines as the first online 3D printing service provider in Germany. Its continued to grow since then, building up its software platform, and trinckles main offering, the web-basedParamate Platform, helps its customers design and manufacture customized products, using its powerful algorithms to streamline design processes and eliminate the more difficult design tasks.

As we all know, 3D printing is causing waves in manufacturing processes across many industries, from product development all the way to production. To get a piece of the 3D printing pie, Conrad Electronics is introducing its newConrad 3D Print Service, in partnership with trinckle 3D, to help its customers discover the potential of this innovative technology. Many of Conrads customers are still new to 3D printing, and being able to utilize trinckles platform, through the 3D Print Service, is helping make industrial 3D printing more accessible to them. It integrates the ordering and software tools, to make sure that all of Conrads customers are supported in their 3D printing journey.

Our print service platform is designed to facilitate a great customer experience, said trinkcle 3D CEO Florian Reichle. It is so simple to use. The model handling tools repair models, check printability and scalability, essentially guaranteeing that anyone can get the perfect print every time.

Conrad was looking for exactly this kind of expertise to make sure that its customers would get definite value and high-end results in the additive manufacturing world. The basics of the new 3D Print Service are prettywell, basic. Users can simplyupload their 3D modelsto Conrads new 3D printing service platform, where its automatically checked for printability, and the file is repaired if necessary. You can select the size, color, and material, and the price and time of delivery will be displayed right there on the screen. Then, once youve closed the purchase order, the object is created on professional, industrial-quality 3D printers, and quickly sent right to your doorstep.

We are extremely pleased to have found such a strong partner in trinckle 3D GmbH, said Bastian Krä, Project Manager and Team Member at the Conrad Technology Center. Not only is trinckle well-established and innovative, but they also believe firmly in creating amazing customer experiences. With their help, we will be able to offer our clients top quality and truly high-end results. 3D printing offers almost unlimited new possibilities, and thanks to this partnership with trinckle we will be able to leverage them for our customers.

According to the (translated) website, here are some of the advantages to using the new Conrad 3D Print Service:

Short production and delivery times

Enormous price advantages, especially for small series

No need to invest in expensive manufacturing equipment

Theyre serious about this last point, specifically spelling out that everything is possible, from plastic FDM processing to sintered parts made from polyamide and metals. The print capabilities found with trinckle 3D lets users create almost anything, from replacement components to models, so they can really take advantage of the technology. Conrads new service allows its customers to take advantage of trinckles capabilities, and enjoy a large selection of production materials and colors, production of single item batches, and the ability to produce totally individual items and enjoy unparalleled design freedom.

Reichle said, 3D printing is more than just a production method, it will create and change production ecosystems and make the previously inconceivable, possible.

Discuss in theConrad trinckleforum at .

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