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Luminex Corporation

ARIES® User Defined Protocol (UDP) Capability

MultiCode® Analyte Specific Reagents (ASRs)

xMAP® Molecular STEC Serotyping Assay

Research Applied Market Partners

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OurxTAG®andMultiCode®-RTxTechnologies serve a wide range of clinical applications, includinginfectious disease testing, providing exceptional sensitivity and specificity, unmatched throughput flexibility, and increased assay speed.

OurxMAP® Technologyand its flexible, open-architecture design is used in a wide variety of applications, from academic and clinical research to biodefense and clinical diagnostics.

Our Business Development team invites you to contact them to explore your potential development and commercialization applications using ourxMAP® TechnologyClick hereto start the conversation now.

Myriad RBM, Inc. is the worlds leading multiplexed immunoassay development and testing laboratory. They are also the first Luminex Partner. We recently visited their site in Austin, Texas, to learn how they partner with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and academic sponsors to support biomarker testing for clinical trials.

The team from Galapagos NV talks about their Mission to become the largest Biotech company in Europe, and how automating the Luminex FLEXMAP 3D® system is helping with their drug discovery.

RT@WHO: Most commonly reported resistant bacteria -E coli (Causes serious food poisoning) -K pneumoniae (Causes pneumonia & other infectio

Luminex Announces Preliminary Revenue for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017

Luminex Corporation Declares Fourth Quarter Cash Dividend

Luminex Corporation To Present At The 29th Annual Piper Jaffray Healthcare Conference

Luminex Corporation Receives FDA Clearance for ARIES Group A Strep Assay

Luminex Corporation Reports Third Quarter 2017 Financial Results

Luminex Corporation Third Quarter Earnings Release Scheduled for October 30, 2017

Middle Tennessee Antimicrobial Stewardship Symposium

Northern California Branch of the American Society for Microbiology (NCASM) Spring Meeting

FAH Public Policy Conference Business Expo

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Dream Develop Deliver

With our apps, 3D scanning, sharing and printing was never this easy. We will make your 3D dream come true.

You can scan, edit and upload your models freely and commercially. Customized solutions for your business can be developed by our team.

Using our software and website, you can record, upload/download and share your models with other 3D designers and software users. Now, you are only one click away from 3D scanning and printing.


Sketch is a design toolkit built to help you create your best work from your earliest ideas, through to final artwork.

Sketch is built for designers like you.

With useful features, an intuitive interface and powerful plugins built by a community of developers, it helps you focus on what you do best.

Design once. Reuse anywhere. Update easily.

With Symbols, Sketch takes the pain out of working with repeated design elements from icons to avatars.

Create a master Symbol, use it anywhere in your document and Sketch will sync your changes.

Edit text and images in your Symbols wherever theyre used for dynamic designs.

Resize Symbols wherever you use them to test elements across different screen sizes.

Sync, share and update Symbols, across all of your documents, with Libraries.

Combine Symbols and create infinitely.

With nested Symbols in Sketch, you can combine symbols together to create reusable, customizable and flexible design elements with ease.

Working with a team? Sync, share and update Symbols across all your documents with Libraries, so youre always using the latest version of your designs.

Whether youre building a UI Kit or working with the company style guide, Libraries lets you sync and share your Symbols with other designers, across all your documents.

Extend Sketchs functionality and make it your own with plugins submitted by our developer community.

Design and create fonts directy in Sketch, then tweak and export them as OpenType font files.

Get the dark mode youve been waiting for with Midnight a customizable dark theme plugin for Sketch.

Supercharge your workflow with Sketch Icons a plugin that lets you import a whole set of icons to your project, all at once.

Automatically highlight the syntax of any code snippet, right within Sketch.

Sketch plugin that helps you get your design files as clean as a whistle.

Play gifs and videos inside sketch app while youre designing.

Ditch big email attachments, chains of Re: Re: Re:, and low-res screenshots. Upload your Artboards, share with others and get feedback easily.

Connect your phone or tablet and see your designs in situ with Sketch Mirror. Because nothing beats testing on a real device.

Were always listening to your feedback, improving Sketch and adding useful features. Buy a license and get a year of constant innovation.

Available exclusively on the Mac for just$99.

The latest Sketch news, articles, and resources, sent straight to your inbox every month.

Selective 3D AOI Systems f

Selective 3D AOI Systems from Mek (Marantz Electronics)As an industry leader in Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), were constantly refining and developing our product range in line with the needs of our customers.

Every one of ourdesktop AOIandinline AOI systemsis optimised for the demands of todays advanced SMT applications and critical manufacturing environments.  All are capable of deliveringSelective 3D, using our unique stereoscopic imaging from the 9 cameras of the GTAz optical head.

Easy programing and flexible inspection algorithms provide complete coverage of SMT and THT production issues. Optional defect tracking and SPC analysis provide seamless factory integration.Offline programmingis available to free up system time for production and enables live program updates from a remote station.

Download Desktop AOI PowerSpector brochure

Download Inline AOI PowerSpector brochure


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CAD files for this product are currently unavailable.

Visit one of our Part Community Portals for further assistance.

CAD files for this product are currently unavailable.

Visit ourPart Community Portalfor further assistance.

CAD files for this product are currently unavailable.

For additional assistance, please contact yourlocal Baldor sales office.

For additional assistance, please contact yourlocal Baldor sales office.

Baldor is a Member of the Part Community by CADENAS

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Got plans September 24 – 28th, 2018?

Now you do! We cordially invite you, our excellent SketchUp friend, to join us in Palm Springs, California for 3D Basecamp 2018.

SketchUp Pro 2018의 새로운 기능을 확인해보세요…참고: 이 사이트는 10/27/2017, 10:00:00 PM에 정기 점검이 있습니다.

본 사이트는 약 60분 동안 다운될 예정입니다. 불편을 끼쳐드려서 죄송합니다.stroke: inherit; stroke-width: 2; fill: none; fill-rule: evenodd; transform: translate(1.87 2.571)stroke: inherit; stroke-width: 2; stroke-linecap: round; stroke-linejoin: round; fill: none; fill-rule: evenodd; transform: translate(1.87 2.571)

Ajax 5 Piece Dining Set with Cushion

Luminria Pendente Kina cor branco interno

Draft machine, draft table, desk, drawing table

Commode enfant rose VICTORINE, Maisons du monde. Rf: 150529, prix 249,90 €

7800 3D certified Items DDF / 7800 objets 3D certifie DDF

Limmited eddition YFZ 660 Yamaha Raptor

THE BIG AMSTERDAM (not a pic…no seriously 🙂

Imperial Fast Courier Airship ACTAEON

Hitch Mylius hm108 Plump collection

Nifty 50 Plant collection

3D Warehouse에는 세계에서 가장 인기높은 3D 모델링 및 디자인 애플리케이션인 SketchUp으로 창조한 수백만 개의 모델이 들어 있습니다.

3D Warehouse는 귀하의 SketchUp 모델 홍보를 위한 궁극적인 배포 플랫폼입니다.

3D-ONE at TUSExpo The Hague

In a little more than 1 week 3D-ONE will be present at The Unmanned Systems Expo (TUSExpo) held at the World Forum in The Hague

TUSExpo is a dedicated event for the unmanned systems industry bringing together manufacturers and end-users from the around the globe. The TUSExpo is held from 2 4 February and hosts over 70 conference speakers, live demonstrations and meeting opportunities to discuss your unmanned system challenges with industry experts.

3D-ONE is specialist in the design and delivery of embedded sensor solutions that add visual intelligence to unmanned systems. Our solutions include multi-sensor systems for GEO-referenced big data collection;  hyperspectral imaging systems for precision farming and RGB/IR vision systems for sense and avoid applications.

3D-ONE offers vision engineering resources and a portfolio of building blocks including cameras and data processing units that allow us to offer tailor made solutions with a very short time to market. All of our solutions are designed to be very power efficiënt for battery operated mobile systems.

We are happy to welcome you at our boothB141to exchange ideas and learn how our solutions would best meet your requirments.

Click this banner to register for free access to the venue.

Hyperspectral solutions for OEM customers

Avior series with RGB+NIR Multispectral sensor

Multi-sensor vision system for corridor mapping

Meet us in Stuttgart at Vision 2016

3D Printed Material Strength

The bulky envelope arrived and inside was a tiny 3D printed titanium ball printed by Morris Technologies (acquired by GE Aviation). Terry Wohlers, one of the worlds top 3D printing experts, sent it to me to showcase just how strong 3D printed metal could be. He was told that this super light, delicate-feeling, woven-looking ball was strong enough that you could stand on it.

Is it strong enough? That is a frequent question people ask about the final 3D printed object, in general.

In my mind, as it probably is in others minds, I am wondering if I take the time, money, and effort to 3D print something will it be as strong as the product I can buy off-the-shelf? It is a fair question.

Lots of people ask and lots of people want to and are testing material strength. Many of them are scientists, like a duo that I met at Ford Motor Company load testing different 3D printed parts by slamming into them with X amount of weight. Fun job it must be, to test breaking points. Wear your safety glasses.

A YouTube personality, Thomas Sanladerer, creates regular videos about 3D printing called simply: Toms or Toms Guide.  He did his own entertaining 3D print material test that you can watchhere.

So, to cut to the chase, strength is not always easy to define it depends on what you are doing with it after you print it. Are you bending it? Hanging something from it? Does it need to withstand impact or heat?

One of the best resources to answer some of these questions is found at the CAPUniversity which is a blog written by a Solidworks reseller in the Northeast USA. In their post, which I encourage you to go read:Choosing Your 3D Printing Material: Its About More Than Strength!

They outline the strength of common materials: ABS, PLA, Nylon and others.

I give a bit of technical specifications on ABS and PLAhere. Heres one from CAPUniversity based on the tensile strength lowest to highest.

ABS, PLA, and Nylon are very common 3D printing materials.

PC stands for polycarbonate and is one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics, but you do not hear about a lot of people using it inFFF/FDMtype 3D printers. The RepRap Wikihas a good page explaining some of the pros and cons of polycarbonate.

PEI is Polyetherimide (PEI) resin, but the popular trade name is Ultem. Ultem is a family of PEI products manufactured bySABICas a result of acquiring the General Electric Plastics Division in 2007. As you can see in the chart, it has the highest tensile strength.

Another resource is Stratasys, which has put out a PDF:Thermoplastics: The Strongest Choice For 3D Printing. It is only six pages, and oriented toward materials that work in Stratasys printers, of course, but it is a good resource since most printers are Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM); a method they pioneered.

Final note:Back to the Titanium Ball: I do not remember if Terry Wohlers told me this or not, but I thought he jokingly said he would send it to me if I agreed to stand on it. He said he didnt have the heart to crush the little ball, about the size of an old marble, but if I agreed to he would ship it off to me. I said I would absolutely do it, but when it arrived I didnt have the heart to stand on it, either! It is just too cool to flatten it, if the makers were wrong about their strength test.

What materials are you 3D Printing with?

Jazz up your 3D Prints with Exotic 3D Printer Metal Plastic Filaments

Need ABS or PLA material for your 3D printer? Check this big list.

10 Principles of 3D Printing Excerpt

What Trends Are Making 3D Printing Better and More Available

What a little heat and speed can do to your 3D Prints…

Have you ever thought about coating a 3Dprinted part in metal? plating

Removing 3D printed support can be a pain, here are some tips.

Roadblocks and Implications for 3D Printing

Need an easy-to-use 3D Slicing Program? Im testing Cura for LulzBot

Have you seen the amazing love that goes into these prosthetics?

Would you wear some of these 3D printed items?

If you live in Sacramento CA, and are interested in 3D Printing, read:

Here are the Mobile 3D Printing Apps You Need

Dont have a 3D Printer? Try one of these 3D Printing Service Bureaus

Get the Most From Your Tech With Our Daily Tips

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in the most versatile and user‑friendly

workshoppractical and theoretical training

work with us to develop custom human tissue models

Our organ on a chip models are all about physiological relevance. Human cell types, co-cultured in the perfect tissue context, with perfusion and vessels.

In Nature Communications: gut-on-a-chip in high th…

Mimetas Gut-on-a-Chip one of the Best Medical Tech…

Paper on breast cancer drug testing with Mayo Clin…

Successful first Organ-on-a-Chip Workshop for Acad…

Application note Neuronal Networks with Molecular…

Organ-on-a-Chip Lab Workshops for Academics

As easy as 2D culture, without pumps and tubules and with perfect imaging and assays. Go for OrganoPlates® and you can have it all.

OrganoPlate® models are any-throughput. They work with all existing equipment, including screening setups. And of course, we use non-compound-absorbing materials.

Arnaud Nicolas develops TEER for organs-on-chips

Elena Naumovska about her gut-on-a-chip model

Marianne Vormann about her kidney-on-a-chip resear…

Extracellular matrix & 3D tissue models

Fast Curious

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Welkom in our Digitech One stop shop

CG Wizard PRO Contains : 3 x sensors (2×20 KG 1×5 KG) 1 x central Docking box incl Laser pointer Angle and throw Can weight and set CG on Aircrafts up to 50KG Android App and Apple app can be downloaded soon.

This unit is the central unit for you model , and it can connect lots of electronics and engines. standard has G sensor and Altimeter sensors on board.

All sorts of Jeti setups can be found here

Customised Composites

We are a producer of 3D printed fibre reinforced composite parts, passionate about materials and new technologies.  We help our customers create beautiful, strong and lightweight products in almost any shape.

At FRP3D, we love new technology and high performance materials. We believe that for each product an optimum design, material and production process exist and we consider it our challenge to find these.

The world of 3D printing has seen enormous developments in the past decade. The range of applications for 3D printing is greatly expanded as the quality and size of printed products continue to increase.

FRP3D is now ready to take the next step by offering 3D printed composites. We have modified and combined various innovative processes to create our new FRP3D process. With this technique we are able to produce unique composite products in complex geometries, with low weight and with the high strength and stiffness that composites are known for.

We dont need a mould to produce, hence production of the final part can start immediately.

Products are intended for use in structural applications, not just prototypes.

Our layer-wise production allows for a greater freedom of shapes.

We save materials and reduce production costs.

FRP3D is a newly developed method of creating high performance composite products, based on innovative 3D-printing technology.

Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP), or composites, are materials well-known for their high strength and stiffness and low mass. This makes these materials very suitable for high performance products. Current production methods for composites require a mould, which increases their cost and limits their possible complexity.

We have build a printer that can produce parts of up to 1 x 0.5 x 0.5m in one go. We can choose to have the produced parts non-reinforced, which will result in product properties comparable to most SLA processes. Or, what we do in most cases, we can reinforce the products to achieve the real high strength and stiffness that composites are known for.

Our FRP3D process does not require an expensive mould hence more efficient products are now possible!

Generic tensile strength (blue) and modulus (green) values, FDM = 100. This graph show the enormous gain in strength and stiffness of FRP3D products compared to other 3D printing techniques.

The four steps below describe the patented FRP3D process.

Any printed product starts with a 3D design. Generally our customers supply the design file in the format they generate.

We modify the design where required to fit to the parameters of our process.

Fibres are strong and stiff in lengthwise direction, hence the main goal is to orient them as favourable as possible in the final product. Within the FRP3D process we are able to orient fibres in multiple directions and also generate layers as is common in normal composite products. This means that we dont have weak layer-to-layer problems.

This is where the actual forming of the product takes place. Using UV light and specially formulated resin systems, we are able to create the required product. The process allows us to use various fibres and resin combinations depending on the product requirements, e.g. glass, aramid, or carbon fibre reinforced composites are all possible.

Products can be finished in accordance with our customers wishes. This can be as simple as a coating for eastethical purposes or more complex functional additions. Any product that leaves our facility is carfully checked in compliance with our quality procedure.

These are some example products created by FRP3D

We all have different backgrounds, but we share a passion for technology. We developed the FRP3D process from scratch, meaning that we understand and fully control each aspect of the process. We can talk about solutions straightaway, rather than having to go back and verify possibilities.

3D Modelling and adjusting models for 3D process

Product development and engineering

Selecting fibres and resins to optimise product performance

Product realisation using FRP3D process

FRP3D is a brandname of Fiberneering Technology Development BV. Fiberneering is an engineering firm specialised in composite materials and production processes. Next to supplying products made with our FRP3D process, we can help with:

2D and 3D modelling of parts and products

Finite element simulation of fibre reinforced products

International sourcing of materials and parts

Please visit Fiberneering

Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding our process and potential products. You can either contact us directly or through the contact form on the right.

You can also add drawings or 3D models to your enquiry if you would like us to supply you with a quote.


Drawing files for this product are currently unavailable.

For additional assistance, please contact yourlocal Baldor sales office.

The drawing for the product you have selected is available from our Part Community Portal.

Visit our portal by following the link below. For additional service, pleasecontact a local sales office.

CAD files for this product are currently unavailable.

Visit one of our Part Community Portals for further assistance.

CAD files for this product are currently unavailable.

Visit ourPart Community Portalfor further assistance.

CAD files for this product are currently unavailable.

For additional assistance, please contact yourlocal Baldor sales office.

For additional assistance, please contact yourlocal Baldor sales office.

Baldor is a Member of the Part Community by CADENAS


California Transparency in Supply Chain Act of 2010 Disclosures