Flu Shots and a Workforce

While flu season is about to wrap up, those who own or manage a business will find it beneficial to start planning for next season. If an organization was hit hard this flu season, consider working with a company that will send a nurse out to take care of the flu vaccine for employees. Here is additional information to help with the decision and planning.

Workplace Planning

Employers should prepare in the event that a large percentage of their workforce will be unable to work during flu season. A business should have a continuity plan to focus on solutions should the problem arise. Consider how many absences the organization can handle before operations are interrupted. Then, determine how to keep everything running during an interruption. Last, come up with the changes that can be made to keep a business operating effectively.

Flu Season

October and November are the months that cases of the flu virus increase. Most of the activity is between December and February. There have even been reports as early as October and as late as May.

Flu Shot

It is best to get vaccinated before flu season begins, or at least before it goes full force. This will allow the body an opportunity to build up immunity to the virus. The reason it must be done each year is that the virus changes. The prior year’s vaccine is partially or totally useless. While organizations find it very beneficial to offer this service to employees, it isn’t something that can be mandated. This is primarily because of the ADA as well as other legal issues.

Educating Employees

While everyone will not opt for flu shots, it is a good idea to hold some team meetings ahead of time and just remind everyone of simple steps to protect themselves. Reminders about eating healthy and balanced meals and taking any vitamins that a doctor has already recommended are some things to start with. Then, discuss measures that everyone should take to frequently disinfect communal spaces. Provide employees with wipes to clean frequently touched items like keyboards, desks, and telephones.

Those interested in offering a flu shot to their employees, visit https://www.maxwellhealth.co.nz/onsite-vaccinations/ to get additional information. If there are at least 10 people in the company planning to participate, a workplace visit is ideal. Schedule a time that works and there will be minimal disruption to the workday.