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The body of the individual is good or bad. It is known through scraping. If you want to know about your health through scraping, you must first understand the positive reactions and positive reactions and their meanings. Today, we took advantage of the Weachal teacher’s foot treatment forum to share details with everyone. The content of this article has become more comprehensive. Welcome the collection.

So what is a positive reaction?

There is a difference between licking and licking when scraping. There are different feelings such as smoothness, unevenness, gravel, nodules, muscle tension and stiffness, or loose and soft under the scraping board. These sensations are collectively referred to as “positive reactions”. The different reactions that occur during scraping indicate different health conditions for the wipes.

Not out

There was no ecchymosis when scraping, no pain or scratching under the board, suggesting that the meridian blood was unobstructed and healthy.

2. Freckle occurs

When the squeaking occurs, the squeaking stops and the squeaking stops immediately. It suggests that the local blood flow is slow and the meridians have qi stagnation and blood stasis. The shade, color, shape and density of the elephant are related to the length of the local blood stagnation, the severity of stasis, and the extent of stasis. The longer the blood stagnation time, the more metabolites in the blood, the darker the color, and the denser the stink bug, the larger the range.

3. Positive reaction

The positive reaction is to feel scratchy under the scraping plate when scraping, and there are obstacles such as gravel and nodules. The same is the meridian blood and blood, tissue and organ cells hypoxia, why some parts will be paralyzed, and some parts have a positive reaction such as irregularities, gravel, nodules? This is mainly determined by the state of the local blood circulation.

Due to obstruction of blood flow, blood deficiency and blood deficiency caused by lack of oxygen in the cells, the local tissue will appear hyperplasia or adhesion reaction, scraping wipe will not produce sputum, but there are irregular positive reactions. The location, nature, and extent of obstacles in the parts of the meridian qi and blood disorders are different, and the state and nature of the positive reactions are different.

The longer the hypoxia of the meridians, the more obvious the positive reaction. Astringent skin, slight pain, scraping under the squatting board, and gravel-like sensation were symptoms of mild stagnation in the meridian blood. Nodules appear, indicating that the meridians and blood stagnation time is longer. The larger and harder the nodules, the higher the degree of tissue adhesion or fibrosis and calcification and the longer the lesions.

4. Pain

Pain is also a manifestation of a positive reaction. When qi stagnation or blood emptiness and lack of qi and blood, cell hypoxia affect the neurological disorder, the scraping will also appear pain response, that is, Chinese medicine says “no general pain.” The more painful reminders are now when there are sub-health symptoms.

What are the microcirculatory and microcirculatory disorders?

Microcirculation refers to the humoral circulation of blood and lymph fluid in the human capillaries and microlymphatic vessels directly involved in the organization, the exchange of energy in the cellular material, and the transmission of information. It covers the basic functions of life activities.

Defective and positive reactions are microcirculation disorders. The same is the microcirculation disorder, but there are differences between hemorrhagic and ischemic disorders. Blood stasis, slow flow, bloody microcirculation disorders. Hemorrhagic microcirculatory disturbances, rapid spasm after scraping wipes, rapid improvement of microcirculation. If the arterial blood flow is reduced, the flow of tissue perfusion is insufficient, or because of changes in the number and nature of blood cells, the lack of nutrients in the blood leads to ischemic and hypoxic ischemic microcirculation.

Why does a positive reaction occur?

Insufficient blood flow in the ischemic microcirculation disorder results in no fistulae after wiping. When tissue cells are prolongedly subjected to ischemia or hypoxia, these soft tissues will undergo pathological changes such as hyperplasia, adhesion, fibrosis, calcification or inflammation.

Scraping will feel scratchy under the scraper plate, subcutaneous or muscle tissue similar to gravel, rice, peanuts, beans size, and even larger nodular soft tissue, or cord-like obstacle resistance, collectively referred to as positive .

These positive reactions are not tumors, but a kind of pathological reaction after cell ischemia, hypoxia or tissue damage and inflammation. The size, morphology, extent of lesions, time, and extent of lesions are closely related.

How to determine the sub-health or disease site

Freckle and positive reactions are the manifestations of microcirculatory disturbances. The site where the meridian blood and blood run is not smooth and sub-health or disease occurs. When scratching, we carefully observed whether there was a positive reaction under the scraping plate and observed the site where the freckle occurred. According to the Chinese meridian theory and biological holographic theory, we have mastered the law of the distribution of meridians on the skin surface and the holographic distribution of organs on the body surface. The meridians or organ organs of the blood and blood disorders can be judged to determine sub-health or disease sites.

First beat the body with a tapping method, and then scrape, so that you can also find the body’s deep diseases. In general, if a meridian or positive reaction occurs in a meridian, it indicates that the meridians connected to the meridians have sub-health or disease changes. This method can accurately determine the sub-health or disease site when the body does not have any symptoms.

For example, the back sac of the bladder and the upper extremity heart meridians of stings or positive reactions suggest that the heart or heart qi and blood running is not smooth; if the back of the bladder by the heart and the heart and the upper limbs without any stink or positive reaction, it is not necessarily the heart is healthy, in order to prevent The omission of a disease and the elimination of scrofula can basically prove that the heart is healthy. The following conditions are similar.

The stasis or positive reaction of the back bladder through the stomach Yu and the lower extremity stomach meridian suggests that the operation of the stomach or stomach qi and blood is not smooth; the stuttering or positive reaction of the corresponding region of the viscera of the organs and the projection area of ​​the body surface prompts the visceral organs to run with blood Poor, sub-health or disease changes; rubbing the second metacarpal axillary points of the hand, can identify, identify organs that cause pain; sensitive in pain at the heart, suggesting that the disease is in the heart; pain sensitive in the stomach, suggesting The disease is in the stomach.

Sometimes the shape of the elephant can also reflect the location and shape of the lesion, such as the shape of the breast in the corresponding area of ​​the breast on the back of the breast hyperplasia, that is, the position and shape of the breast hyperplasia in the corresponding part of the chest. The uniform palsy suggests a diffuse hyperplasia of the breast. , Rope or round ecchymosis suggest that the growth organisms are cords or nodules.

Bone and joint diseases, rapid spasm during scraping and swabbing, large areas of scarring suggest that the lesions are mostly muscle injuries; bone and joint diseases have pain or positive reactions, but few spasms suggest deep lesions in tendons, ligaments or bones Department. In order to let netizens learn more about scraping knowledge, let’s talk about “Scrapping Tips that Everyone Can Grasp”. The tips are as follows:

First, scraping treatment tips before the operation:

1. The choice of scraping tools

The choice of scraping tools is one of the important conditions. We mainly use scraping plates made of ox horns in clinical practice. The shapes are mostly rectangular, with round protrusions on the edges, and rounded and smooth edges. Horn itself has a certain degree of detoxification and other medicinal effects. The use of horn scraping plate operation can enhance the therapeutic effect and efficacy.

2. Medium

The medium is usually more oil or wine. The wine itself has the effect of promoting blood circulation, cooling down the body, removing phlegm, and passing through the network. If the use of certain symptomatic drugs such as safflower oil, valsartan, etc. as the medium for scraping treatment, it will be more effective.

Second, scraping operation skills:

1. The use of scraping board skills

The scraping board should be at an angle of 60° or 90° to the skin of the human body. The scraping plate should first be smeared with media during scraping and then centered on the surgical site and extend its range as far as possible.

2. Skills for speed and strength when scraping

The key to squeezing is the mastery and control of strength and speed. “Being heavy but not board, light and not floating” is the requirement of strength. Heavy, may cause local skin ulceration; light, it will not achieve results. During the wiping operation, the patient’s subjective feelings are constantly inquired and the local skin condition is observed. “Quick but not slippery, slow and not stagnant” is the requirement of speed. Speed ​​is too fast to penetrate; slow speed is not effective.

Scraping skills have a direct and very important role in the treatment and efficacy. Did you learn the above tips? I hope to help everyone. The following article is also worth watching.

Inappropriate handling due to improper operation

Scrapping as a non-pharmacological specialty has been circulating in our country for thousands of years. It is easy to use and has a wide range of applications. Some patients have improperly scraped, aggravated condition or even caused other physical discomfort.

Normally a fever-dominated cold or severe heat stroke is not free to scrape. Scraping is not always more effective. Scrapping requires the public to have a certain amount of medical knowledge and skills. Not everyone can operate on their own.

Scraping is not more effective

Scrapping by adjusting the yin and yang balance, improve the mechanism of disease resistance, mainly play a role in relieving the symptoms of defecation, resuscitation, brain-breathing, meridians, qi and blood circulation, and phlegm and dampness.

It is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine skin, with utensils (horns, jade, cupping), etc. in the skin-related parts wiped to achieve the purpose of dredging the meridians, promoting blood circulation.

However, it is worth noting that many people think that scraping must be painful and unbearable. It is the highest realm. Source Yike said that in fact this is a wrong view. Scraping is not more painful and effective, nor is it black and purple. In fact, the wiping part can be stopped after showing a reddish or purple color. If the scraping site, force, etc., are not properly grasped, the one-sided pursuit of the color of the sputum is not only ineffective, but also can cause damage to the skin and flesh.

Some patients can’t get rid of paralysis. In addition to method errors, they may be caused by recent scraping or being too severe. The body is too weak to scratch it. It is not easy to cause excessive force and damage.

The relative indications of scraping are mainly colds, fevers, heat stroke, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, stiff neck, frozen shoulders, lumbar muscle strain, muscle cramps, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions.

Inappropriate scraping operation aggravates the condition

Since scraping is a stimulant therapy, improper operation can aggravate the condition or cause other physical discomfort. Source Yike emphasized that scraping is a change from therapies such as massage, acupuncture, cupping, and bloodletting. These four therapies should follow the four principles of surgery. First, a clear diagnosis, and second, dialectical treatment. The fourth is to make up for deficiency.

Taking a cold, taking medicine and scraping therapy, the effect is very obvious. Mainly in the Tianzhu, bilateral Fengchi, Jianjing, Fengmen, bilateral medial edge of the shoulder sacrum, Yintang, chest Fengfu swab, after a scrap of a hot cup of herbal tea, a sweat, It’s true that the whole person will feel comfortable.

However, if the cold is dominated by fever, it is not appropriate to perform a single scraping. It is necessary to cooperate with medical treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is particularly difficult to have a headache and scratch their feet. Because headaches must be scraped to eliminate the organic disease of the head, so be sure to go to the hospital for a clear diagnosis.

In addition, summer heat inevitably occurs heat stroke, commonly known as cyanosis, there are mild and severe two, mild Scraping efficacy is better, but the patient should immediately move to a cool ventilated place, unfasten the clothes button, but also take cooling measures. Critical illness, especially critical illness, should be treated according to the condition of the illness. At this time, it is not appropriate to scrape. Old and frail elderly people must be careful in scraping young children.

Scratching should pay attention to grasp the degree of stimulation

Scraping therapy is the same as acupuncture, massage, etc. It is all about stimulating the acupuncture points of the human body, but the tools used are different.

Therefore, the patient may also experience discomfort during the scraping process. At this point, you should quickly stop the scraping, so that the patient supine and drink warm water or warm water, rest for a while, will soon turn for the better, if it does not work, you can quickly use the scraping plate to wipe the patient Baihui, people in the hole, Neiguan, Zusanli, Yongquan points first aid. .

It turned out that, like acupuncture, it may be like a fainting needle. Symptoms of dizziness are dizziness, paleness, palpitation, cold sweats, cold extremities, nausea, or dizziness.

In order to prevent accidents caused by scraping, doctors should pay special attention to mastering the degree of stimulation, that is, the strength and strength that the patient can withstand. In addition, doctors should take preventive measures and grasp the contraindications for scraping. Patients with over-fat, over-fatigue, bodily emasculation, and loss of skin elasticity should be treated with local swelling, sores, ulceration, or tumor patients suffering from heart disease and edema. Patients with hemophilia, hemorrhage, hemorrhagic purpura, and other bleeding disorders are not eligible for scraping. Patients with low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, excessive weakness, and nervousness are particularly afraid of pain.

In addition, because the scratches have a certain amount of damage to the skin, it is necessary to wait for a period of time after one stroke, usually about five to seven days, and then scrape the skin again for the second time.

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