Before you buy a mobile phone, you must watch these!

Before you buy a mobile phone, you must watch these!
What are the most concerned about when you buy a new mobile phone? The screen must be large enough? Camera pixels must be high? … No, these tend to have many misunderstandings, and the little friends must know ↓

The camera pixel is high and the photo is good. In the era of the “exposure” circle of friends, the mobile phone camera function is more and more important. Many small partners pay special attention to the pixel level of the mobile phone when purchasing the mobile phone, which leads us to easily enter The higher the pixel, the better the cognitive misunderstanding.

In fact, there are many factors that affect the camera’s camera effect. Although pixels are the key factor in determining photos, they are not all related to pixels. They are also related to the mobile phone brand’s own technology and the cameras and sensors it uses.

For example, photoreceptor CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistor), the key to determine the quality of CMOS conversion is two dimensions: one is the overall size of CMOS, the larger the size, the better the overall picture quality; the other is the unit pixel area. Determine the partial image quality after the photo is 100% enlarged. Therefore, the larger the area of ​​the photoreceptor CMOS, the better the photographic performance, which can bring more delicate image quality. So buying a mobile phone to see the pixels is a one-sided comparison.

The higher the resolution of the mobile phone, the clearer it is. When buying a mobile phone, the screen resolution is often mentioned, and it is generally preferred to buy a mobile phone with a high resolution. With the continuous development of mobile phone technology, the comprehensive screen continues to rise, but the higher the screen resolution, the better?

In fact, 1080p resolution can meet the needs of our eyes, and the detailed screen will become a display outside our eye contact range. So in the screen resolution, you don’t have to pursue high resolution.
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High processor core configuration

Do small friends buy mobile phones, do they like to see performance, such as running fast enough, processing power is not strong enough? And now the slogan of mobile phone promotion is also quite strong, quad-core processor, eight-core processor, and even higher configuration, but must be higher and stronger?

It is also true that the performance of the processor is related to the core number, but it depends on its architecture and frequency. The number of CPU cores is only a part of the parameters, and the running speed of the CPU is determined by various factors, such as: main frequency, pipeline architecture, cache, and so on.

In addition, it is also related to the positioning and optimization of the manufacturer. It is also necessary to consider how much performance can be achieved with other hardware configurations of the mobile phone. Therefore, the higher the number of mobile phones, the better the performance of the mobile phone!

More screen parameters

Many mobile phone manufacturers often like to play gimmicks on the screen and list some screen parameters. In fact, for the small partners, the mobile phone display is not so complicated.

For example, mobile phone brightness, contrast. In fact, the brightness determines whether you can see it in the sun. If it is too weak, the screen will not be clear when the sunlight is strong (such as noon); and the contrast determines whether the color of the screen is not clear. If the original contrast is not good, the later adjustment will be Lose color.

This is followed by the color gamut. The gamut determines the size of the real-world color range of the phone. Normally, 72% of the NTSC gamut (the sum of the colors under the NTSC standard) is sufficient, and 85% is calculated.

Therefore, looking at the very fancy mobile phone parameters, in fact, as long as they are in the normal specifications, they can fully satisfy the use of friends.

The gift is not the more the better, when buying a mobile phone, there will be a lot of free gift packages to give to the pro, such as mobile phone film, mobile phone case, selfie stick… Is it very exciting?

Many small partners have seen so many gifts, they have forgotten to evaluate the price/performance ratio of the mobile phone itself, and they think that they must have earned it. In fact, many such a set of gifts are worth less than 100 yuan, if the gift package is built on Under the condition that the price of mobile phones is several hundred, it is not worthwhile to start.

Therefore, when buying mobile phones, small partners must avoid the above misunderstandings, and have sufficient choices and judgments, so that they can buy mobile phones that are cost-effective and suitable for them.

Black shark game mobile phone 2 generations to get started video exposure: RGB breathing light show to fly

Black shark game mobile phone 2 generations to get started video exposure: RGB breathing light show to fly
Xiaomi people @ Steven shared a new machine to get started on Weibo. The back of the machine is the “black shark” S LOGO, which seems to be the second generation of the black shark game mobile phone.

From the short demonstration, you can see the new upgraded RGB light effect of Black Shark. The LOGO on the back and the side light strip can breathe synchronously, which is quite cool.

In the vagueness, we can also confirm that the machine is equipped with two vertical cameras, and the shape is consistent with the new black shark that was previously netted.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new model of the black shark of the model AWM-A0 has a back fingerprint, the body measurements are 160×75.26×8.7mm, the screen is still 5.99 inches, and the battery capacity is 4000mAh.

It has been half a year since the launch of the first game mobile phone by Black Shark. Considering that the 7nm Snapdragon new flagship U-Long 8150 will take some time to go public, if the second generation of Black Shark game mobile phone chooses to be listed during the year, or continue to be equipped with Snapdragon 845 chip.related articles china mobile.html

Chopper is just around the corner? Google did not mention “Android” at the Pixel conference

Chopper is just around the corner? Google did not mention “Android” at the Pixel conference
Google held the Made by Google conference a few days ago, bringing new Pixel 3 series phones and Pixel Slate tablets, Home Hub home smart assistants and other products. However, foreign media 9to5Google found that Google did not mention the word “Android” at the last press conference.

The foreign media said that the word “Android” did not appear in the 1 hour and 11 minutes video recordings of Google’s official press conference. In contrast, Google mentioned 8 “Android” at the launch of the first generation of Pixel phones.

What about other manufacturers? Foreign media TNW has statistics, Apple mentioned 79 “Apple” at the iPhone XS conference, and mentioned 12 “iOS”.

Foreign media believe that Google is trying to establish its own hardware and service brands, such as the use of Pixel, Slate, Home Hub, and Chrome OS and Google, but “Android” is no longer there.

Foreign media sources said that Google is in the process of internal review, plans to phase out the Android brand of these products, but Google is now dealing with the objection of company personnel who have emotional dependence on Android.
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The Path To Finding Better Repairs

Importance of Brake Services

You should consider maintaining your car on a regular basis if you wish to keep it in a good state. You should therefore consider looking for a qualified mechanic who will make sure that your car is in a good condition. It’s recommended that you remember inspecting your vehicle in a regular basis prior to driving. Most drivers while checking the cars they forget to look at the brake system. You should consider maintaining the conditions of the brakes in good condition. You should understand that poor maintenance of your brakes can lead to serious harms to you and the life of the passengers. The best way to know that the brake system needs repair is by listening carefully and responding to any strange noises from the brakes system. You should not worry since this article attempts to explore the main benefits of regular brake repair.

The safety of driving your car is in most cases determined by a proper functioning of your brakes. Most mechanics recommend regular check-up of the car brakes for safety purpose. Its advisable to consider servicing your brake system on a regular basis to make sure that the vehicle is safe for you. Most mechanics have related many accidents to poor servicing of the car brake system. Brake failure along the journey is usually the worst experience for the drivers. Its advisable to consider seeing a mechanic any time you feel the brakes are not in good condition.

You should also consider regular brake service to help you save money on repairs. Its important to regularly maintain your brakes since it will not only make the vehicle safe but also help you avoid repair expenditures. Brakes should, therefore, be serviced to prevent the additional costs of repairs. The mechanics have skills on how t maintain the brake systems to ensure that they are safe for you.

In order to improve the lifespan of your car brake system, you should consider regular appointments to the mechanic for repairs. Most studies have equated regular servicing of the brakes to a longer lifespan of the brakes. It’s important to consider taking your vehicle to an experienced mechanic for brake repairs to ensure a longer lifespan.

It’s important to consider regular repair of your car brake system to reduce the risk of totally damaging of the brakes. A regular check-up of the brake system will make sure that the broken system is in good condition and that it doesn’t lead into a big issue. It therefore important to consider servicing the brake system regularly as explored in the article.

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The Beginners Guide To Services (From Step 1)

What I Can Teach You About Guides

A Trusted Travel Guide to the Great Country Malaysia

For any travel enthusiast, the one thing that is a certainty is that setting foot in Malaysia will offer you a great travel experience more so when you look at it in comparison to its neighbors. This is one beautiful and often underrated countries which will have so much to offer you right from the sampling of the dense urban life of Kuala Lumpur to the pristine beaches of the well known Pernhentian Islands. There is just so much that you can get to do in this great tourist location and they are such as spending your day with the traditional tribes of this country, or have some time in the tea plantations such as the Cameron Highlands, or still you may go for the treks through the great national parks such as the Gunung Mulu and Teman Negara and enjoy some of the great sights of wildlife such as the tigers and orangutans. Some of the other places that you need to think of setting foot in are such as the Borneo where you will be able to sample the jungle as well and as well think of getting to the Spidan and take dives where you will have an experience at one of the world’s great diving sites. One thing that is certain is that Malaysia has quite a lot of stuff to offer travelers and as a matter of fact it is often a favorite stopover site for many of the travelers to or from Thailand. The following are some of the great tourist attractions sites that as a traveler going Malaysia you need to think of sampling and setting foot and sight on.

Take a trip down to Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur happens to be the capital of Malaysia and as a matter of fact chances are so high that as a traveler from overseas you will be spending some few nights here. This city happens to be home to one of the world famed great Petronas Twin Towers and as such it will be quite advisable for you to ensure that you have set foot therein. In the event that you are not so afraid of going ion heights, why not get the thrill and the full satisfaction of crossing it by walking across the bridge that connects the two towers.

The other attraction for tourists you will have at the country Malaysia, something you need not miss out on is taking a dive into the great Perhentian Islands. These are some of the islands that have been famed the world over for being the ideal sites for the snorkelers and divers. This is due to the fact that on these islands you will find a number of the sea life such as the sea-turtles , reef fish and even some small sharks.

Why No One Talks About Resources Anymore

Understanding Options

Study: My Understanding of AC

How to Select HVAC Repair Experts
On the off chance that you have problems with your HVAC, it is vital to guarantee that you look for experts that can handle that problem for you. You can be assured of the best services when you hire the best experts to handle your system. In your search for the best HVAC repair experts, it is imperative to guarantee that you take after some tips.
When choosing the HVAC repair experts, it is imperative to take into account the specialization of the experts. It is essential to look for HVAC repair expert who have the capacity of handing the HVAC system model you own. When you want to get the best services from the experts, you have to hire experts that deal with the model of you system. If they are specialized, these experts will have an easy time identifying the problem that you have in your system and then fix it.
You have to search for HVAC repair experts that normally conduct inspection on the systems before providing any services. These inspections are very important because the experts will have the capacity of identifying the root cause of the problems in your system. When they know exactly the problem that you have they can offer you the repair services that you want.
The other thing you need to look at when choosing these experts is their ability to offer you affordable services. You need to pick an expert that will assure you of high quality work and services that are affordable. To identify an affordable HVAC repair contractor, is imperative to compare different HVAC repair experts. You have to factor the quality of services provided by the experts as you look at the price of the services being charged by different HVAC repair experts you come across.
The experience of the HVAC repair expert has to be considered when making a selection. You need to search for experts that have years of experience to handle your system. To identify an expert that can handle your system properly, it is imperative to hire an experienced expert because he will know how the system works.
When choosing the best HVAC repair experts, it is imperative to consider the credentials of the experts. To know whether the HVAC repair professionals in the work that they do, it is imperative to ensure that you look at their credentials. You can know if the expert can handle your case well if he has proper credentials.

Smart Ideas: HVAC Revisited

Smart Ideas: HVAC Revisited

The Beginners Guide To Windows (Chapter 1)

How to Design A Car Window Decal?

In just a fraction of a price, you can get to make your car work for you by turning it to a moving advertising tool using full size car window decals. The truth is, installing these graphics are fairly easy but the tricky part lies on its designing and on how it will generate the most attention. Here are several tips that you need to be mindful about to make sure that you’re doing things correctly.

Tip number 1. Measure your windows – probably, this is the most significant aspect of ordering car window decals and it is where most people make mistakes. Rear windows of cars have unique design and measurement and for this reason, don’t expect it to have a standard size and just get rear window graphics of your liking.

If you have accessories on the rear window like a handle or windshield wiper, it is smart get the measurement where it’s located. Through this, you can make the design around them. These measurements ensure that the graphic is printed on a big piece of material that fits your window. So when it is trimmed, you know that it will exactly fit the shape of your window.

Tip number 2. Design accordingly – you can only start with the design part once you recorded the measurements. Remember that the shape of the window you will be designing comes in a rectangular shape as it is so odd for windows to look differently.

Many come in trapezoid shape or wider bottom and narrower top. Most likely, the texts or images that are in the design are going to be trimmed off upon installation so as a rule of thumb, avoid putting anything on it.

Tip number 3. Always work with the pros – it is so easy to get yourself into designing the car decals as it offers great amount of space for advertisement. After you design your piece, consider getting rid of 10 to 20 percent of it as this isn’t necessary.

Passing motorists will not have much time checking out your graphics and you do not want to overwhelm them with information. Needless to say, do this only if it is necessary and absolutely relevant.

By just taking the time to read this article, it already puts you one step ahead. So many car window decal customers aren’t measuring their car and not doing the design accordingly which can be pretty expensive. The reason for this is that, after sending the specifics you want for the project, some companies don’t double check it and just proceed with the work to be done. So before you proceed with the design, take time in measuring it.

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Businesses: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

How Hire a Web Design Service Company?

Companies are always giving their best shot to make sure that the industry or niche they are in will become successful. This has made numerous businesses to think quickly on how they can come up with an intuitive and innovative design quickly. Having said that, it has made the selection for web design service company a lot more important in delivering the message they wanted to say to their audience.

The truth is, the provided assistance by web design agency can make or break a business. So long as you have a good and reputable agency working for you, you can handle the complexities and intricacies involved in web design, development, strategy and marketing. These days, having a strong online presence is integral for a business to enjoy continuous growth. Following are the basic criteria that ought to be taken into mind when selecting an agency to help you out.

Clarity is crucial – first and foremost, you need to have a clear mind of what it is you are seeking. If you do not know what it is that you want, it will be hard to grow. Always keep yourself clear of the things that you wish to achieve through your website as well as internet marketing. The moment that you knew what you like to meet, this will become a simpler to explain what your needs and requirements are to the agency and for this, have smarter and more intelligent decision.

Know your budget – ask all of the web design service companies you plan to hire if they could show you any proofs of value they can add to your business. In the event that an agency provides you with a website that brings ROI, then their fee should not be much of a problem. You are likely to generate some promising results in the future by paying the agency that claims you to offer good ROI.

Portfolio – one basic mistake that most people commit when hiring an agency is making a decision solely based from the company’s experience. Rather, try looking for agencies that have stellar strategies and ideas in delivering the results desired. Having said that, before dealing with any of your prospective web design agencies, you must not forget inquiring about their client testimonials, case studies, performance data and so forth. This will give you good idea of their approach in meeting client’s requirements.

To make things look simple, web design and development is what used to give your website a good and lasting impression to your visitors.

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If You Think You Understand Tips, Then Read This

How to Give Your Guests the Best Level of Entertainment

The information in this article is going to help you understand more about how you can be able to keep your guests very entertained during your wedding day and these are tips that are going to revolutionize how you will do your wedding. You will not need to worry that they’re going to be very complicated for you because actually, they are not and therefore thus the major reason why they are those kinds of ideas that are going to make things very easy and funny for everyone. The level of uniqueness that you’re going to get your wedding the moment you decide to implement these tips is going to be very high and therefore, it is something that is worth trying.

How you invite people to your wedding day is something that you really supposed to think about because although, very many people usually like their old and classic kind of traditional look that they get from seeing different kinds of templates that have been found from the Internet, using a funny idea can be one of the ways that you can easily be able to change the perception that people have towards your wedding. there are very many different kinds of invitations ideas that you can be able to use to be able to invite people to your wedding therefore example, you can just think of an idea that is going to be funny and then give it the wedding producers who are going to make the invitation cards for the guests. Another thing that is going to keep the guests are joining very entertained is how you are able to present your wedding vows, making them funny but still making very great sense is something that can be very entertaining. Another thing that you can be able to do to make your wedding very lively is to use different kinds of techniques to be able to attract the attention of the guests for example, giving the visitors or the guests the opportunity to advise you according to the things that they think about your marriage.

Putting on some matching socks is going to be very unique and yet very trendy to you because the moment you put in some matching socks, you’re able to fine-tune the accessories of the man and this is something that can still be applied to the ladies whereby they choose something unique for themselves also. Photo Booth’s are usually also able to create some level of entertainment for the the guests were going to come at your wedding because that’s the place that they can be able to go to and create every kinds of memories that they are thinking of.

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Finding Parallels Between Services and Life

The Importance Of Engaging Couples Therapy, Psychotherapy Experts

Every couple has its own challenges. This might be faithfulness, money related or other issues. Sometimes you may face some problems on your own and managing this is tricky. It is right not to give up so easily. This is the ideal time to look for the most effective psychotherapy and couple’s therapy specialists.These services are meant to be offered by highly qualified experts in this field.Your main goal must be to approach the most trusted experts you can manage to find. The following are some expectations from the supposed experts.

Handling marital needs is never easy for most couples. Some people will end up with more problems without comprehending their major issues.When you approach the couple’s therapists, they are able to assist you in recognizing the root of your problems. This is how you realize there is more to your issues than what you know. It is not hard to give your personal views from this.It gives you room to be comfortable with each other as you deal with other matters in your life.

Lack of communication will affect how you live with your spouse. This will be contributed by numerous factors. Being unable to approach your spouse is among reasons for this to happen and this ought not to be okay. You will learn how to communicate with your loved one through these specialists.It is from here that listening and talking nicely to each other will be possible.The therapists will offer several suggestions to take according to your own needs. This is known to be effective in taking the right direction regarding the future of your marriage.

It is possible to feel lonely in the world. Most people cannot comprehend your feeling and this is never correct.The most you should do is to ask the psychotherapists to come to your rescue.These important specialists are decent at letting you come to terms with your own issues.This ensures you get the right confidence needed to take on with life. Since there is no judgement, one will be able to be relaxed when offering their issues to these professionals.It will now be easy to deal even with difficult matters because you have the right mind to do so.

For your life to be improved, you must engage only highly reputable therapists. This is through many years of doing the same services and the determination to help people.Today, you can also have the best of their services through the online services.However you will have to confirm this from the intended therapists.This is because some will only deal with face to face clients.

Short Course on Counseling – What You Need To Know

Short Course on Counseling – Covering The Basics