Before you buy a mobile phone, you must watch these!

Before you buy a mobile phone, you must watch these!
What are the most concerned about when you buy a new mobile phone? The screen must be large enough? Camera pixels must be high? … No, these tend to have many misunderstandings, and the little friends must know ↓

The camera pixel is high and the photo is good. In the era of the “exposure” circle of friends, the mobile phone camera function is more and more important. Many small partners pay special attention to the pixel level of the mobile phone when purchasing the mobile phone, which leads us to easily enter The higher the pixel, the better the cognitive misunderstanding.

In fact, there are many factors that affect the camera’s camera effect. Although pixels are the key factor in determining photos, they are not all related to pixels. They are also related to the mobile phone brand’s own technology and the cameras and sensors it uses.

For example, photoreceptor CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistor), the key to determine the quality of CMOS conversion is two dimensions: one is the overall size of CMOS, the larger the size, the better the overall picture quality; the other is the unit pixel area. Determine the partial image quality after the photo is 100% enlarged. Therefore, the larger the area of ​​the photoreceptor CMOS, the better the photographic performance, which can bring more delicate image quality. So buying a mobile phone to see the pixels is a one-sided comparison.

The higher the resolution of the mobile phone, the clearer it is. When buying a mobile phone, the screen resolution is often mentioned, and it is generally preferred to buy a mobile phone with a high resolution. With the continuous development of mobile phone technology, the comprehensive screen continues to rise, but the higher the screen resolution, the better?

In fact, 1080p resolution can meet the needs of our eyes, and the detailed screen will become a display outside our eye contact range. So in the screen resolution, you don’t have to pursue high resolution.
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High processor core configuration

Do small friends buy mobile phones, do they like to see performance, such as running fast enough, processing power is not strong enough? And now the slogan of mobile phone promotion is also quite strong, quad-core processor, eight-core processor, and even higher configuration, but must be higher and stronger?

It is also true that the performance of the processor is related to the core number, but it depends on its architecture and frequency. The number of CPU cores is only a part of the parameters, and the running speed of the CPU is determined by various factors, such as: main frequency, pipeline architecture, cache, and so on.

In addition, it is also related to the positioning and optimization of the manufacturer. It is also necessary to consider how much performance can be achieved with other hardware configurations of the mobile phone. Therefore, the higher the number of mobile phones, the better the performance of the mobile phone!

More screen parameters

Many mobile phone manufacturers often like to play gimmicks on the screen and list some screen parameters. In fact, for the small partners, the mobile phone display is not so complicated.

For example, mobile phone brightness, contrast. In fact, the brightness determines whether you can see it in the sun. If it is too weak, the screen will not be clear when the sunlight is strong (such as noon); and the contrast determines whether the color of the screen is not clear. If the original contrast is not good, the later adjustment will be Lose color.

This is followed by the color gamut. The gamut determines the size of the real-world color range of the phone. Normally, 72% of the NTSC gamut (the sum of the colors under the NTSC standard) is sufficient, and 85% is calculated.

Therefore, looking at the very fancy mobile phone parameters, in fact, as long as they are in the normal specifications, they can fully satisfy the use of friends.

The gift is not the more the better, when buying a mobile phone, there will be a lot of free gift packages to give to the pro, such as mobile phone film, mobile phone case, selfie stick… Is it very exciting?

Many small partners have seen so many gifts, they have forgotten to evaluate the price/performance ratio of the mobile phone itself, and they think that they must have earned it. In fact, many such a set of gifts are worth less than 100 yuan, if the gift package is built on Under the condition that the price of mobile phones is several hundred, it is not worthwhile to start.

Therefore, when buying mobile phones, small partners must avoid the above misunderstandings, and have sufficient choices and judgments, so that they can buy mobile phones that are cost-effective and suitable for them.