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Reasons for Using Medical marijuana

Marijuana has more than a thousand different names. From pot, to weed to blunt to Mary Jane. This probably points to its popularity. Any regular marijuana user will tell you that it the best thing that happened to them and their lives are much better after they have had some. Leaves, roots, seeds and even the flowers of the plants can be consumed by the user. There are a lot of compounds in marijuana. Cannabis has some medical uses and can be used on its own or with other medicines to cure various illnesses. Marijuana has different medicinal purposes and can be alone or in combination with other medication be used in treating various ailments. There are man-made strains of cannabis in manufactured today for use as medicine. They are various forms of medical marijuana in the recent time that have been processed and used in treating different ailments.

Marijuana makes people feel better. Any person that is consuming the medicinal marijuana can probably ascertain that it enhances his or her mood. A human body is in a way that an interaction with the natural components that are found in the cannabis. Research has revealed that some compounds that are found in marijuana are indeed in the breast milk too.

If one uses marijuana they are likely to feel very hungry. It is not a viable first time use of marijuana if you do not try to eat an entire supermarket aisle. This characteristic makes it very useful in the treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa. Marijuana is used with cancer patients under chemotherapy to help combat nausea. Medical marijuana can as well be used in the treatment of excess weight, crohn’s disease in addition to diabetes.

Another advantage that medical marijuana serves is treatment of chronic pain. It makes your life difficult to bear and you do not derive pleasure from activities you like. Studies have demonstrated that using cannabis can make pain easier to bear. Although there is no definitive proof of this, anyone who uses marijuana will tell you that it can ease pain and make such things as back pain less unmanageable. It can also be used to ease neuropathic pain.

A good number of people associate mental disorder with marijuana use. Truth be told it can increase anxiety when taken in large amounts by certain people and probably raise the chances of existing mental issues becoming worse but there is no proof of this. Cannabis can be advantageous in the treatment of many other conditions including depression. It is healthy for the brain if one uses marijuana as it can be associated with neurogenesis. That noted it can be utilized in parkinson’s and alzheimer’s therapies.

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