Merpony Maker

Dive into the ocean depths and create a Merpony (My Little Pony with legs) or Seapony (MLP with fins only). You can even drag and drop fins onto your pony for a unique underwater creation.

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The maker is trying to make me hungry; the starter pony generated has a taupe-and brown theme, with the name RippleDream. Now I want ice cream…

SailorHeart and MoonPrincess (Sailor moon, anybody?), Prism Swirl (cute), DeepSeaBeaches (wait WHAT), MistyWaters (cool), SlinkyBaby (Ohmygosh xD), CrystalStorm (ooh, I like that), IcyDoll (Let it go ~*~)

MoonMoon PirateFishSlinkJoy TimidDiver PirateTide JellyBeam BubbleMist NightBaby FunnyShell So many funny names….