3D Printing in 3 Steps (Yes Only 3!

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Staples ContributorAugust 19, 20163D Printing in 3 Steps (Yes, Only 3!)

Since it gives computer users the ability to produce tangible objects in a variety of materials and colors right from their desktop, 3D printing seems as if it would be technically complicated (or just magical). But in reality, its not all that different from printing in two dimensions on paper.

To produce a printed page, all computer users need is a document, a computer and access to a printer and, of course, ink and paper. Likewise,printing in 3Donly requires three similar things. Sure, the technologies differ, but thats the basic gist, as these three steps explain.

If you were to open a document file on your computer, hit some random keys on your keyboard and press Print, youd have a paper printout though it wouldnt make much sense. With 3D printing, you cant make a shape that easily, not even a poor one, so its worth beginning the process by putting some thought into your object.

Start by knowing what youd like to print in three dimensions. If you dont have an idea or concept, there are plenty of free suggestions online to get you started. Web sites offer a library of pre-designed objects that you can print with any 3D printer to gain experience. Or you can be inspired by people who are already using 3D printing technology.

Phoenix-based sculptorKevin Caronuses 3D printing to refine his artwork before making full-sized versions. Mostly what Im doing is proof of concept designs. You know, will it stand up, does it look right and are the proportions correct on it? he says.

And Chris Considine, CEO and founder of Los AngelesbasedCXC Simulations, uses 3D printing to prototype custom-designed parts for racing simulators that are so realistic, they are used by professional race car drivers. We need 3D orienting to see if the part feels exactly how we want it to feel, he says. We went through about 30 versions before we found the one that was perfect for us. Other than 3D printing, theres truly no way you could have done that without building it over and over again.

Once you know what you want to produce, its time to sit down at a computer and make it happen. 3D prints are most commonly generated from an STL or .stl file. Standing for stereolithography (what 3D printing was named when it was first invented), this file format is to 3D printing what the .doc file is to document output.

To open and manipulate an STL file, youll need computer-aided design (CAD) software. For decades, these programs have been used by everyone from architects to product designers, so there are many kinds ofCAD softwareavailable.

SketchUpis a free modeling program designed to be straightforward and allow anyone to create three-dimensional renderings, whether simple or complicated. Likewise,Tinkercadkeeps the design process easy by providing just three simple tools. It also runs in a Web browser and offers step-by-step design lessons to demonstrate how easy 3D printing can be.

Meanwhile, programs likeAutoCADare favored by many experienced professionals, having been used in the design and prototyping of millions of products throughout the years.

To run these programs, you dont need a particularly powerful computer. Caron uses anHP desktopmachine to create his digital sculptures. Its not a big screaming gaming computer by any means, he says. Its just a small office computer and it handles the CAD program just fine.

Most people assume they need to own a 3D printer to produce digitally rendered objects, but that isnt true. Sure, owning adesktop 3D printercan put your designs within arms reach. But driving across town to pick up your objects at aStaples 3D printing servicelocation or having them delivered by mail can be just as convenient for some businesses.

For example, Caron owns aCubeX™ commercial 3D printer. With the ability to print objects up to the size of a basketball, this device produces designs in plastic and in more than 4,000 different colors. Hes also used print-on-demand services to produce sculptures that he couldnt make on his offices machine.

Theyre breathtaking when you see them, he says of the two acrylic sculptures. The detail that I could view on the computer came out in the print it just blew me away. Caron is planning to scale his designs down and turn them into jewelry to sell. Ive gotten one back in a polished glass and its stunning. You cant tell it from gold other than by the weight.

If you are interested in using 3D printing but need help with these steps, visit one of our stores that offers 3D printing services (currently inLos AngelesandNew York City). There, we can help you with all the steps, from getting in touch with designers to actual 3D printing. You can even get in our 3D printing photo booth and have your face put on a figurine.

Some businesses would argue that 3D printing, whether its done in the office or at an outside service, is worth its weight in gold. I can go from concept in my head to holding the part in sometimes as quickly as an hour, says Considine. Its a very powerful thing for an engineer to have. Its liberating.

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