3D models import

This page lists some sources of free 3D models that you may import inSweet Home 3D,

eitherone by oneor bygroup of models, andweb sitesthat propose 3D models.

Thefree 3D models pageproposes more than 1100 additional 3D models created by contributors and supported in thefurniture import wizardof Sweet Home 3D.

Sweet Home 3D lets you also import libraries of 3D models stored in SH3F files. A SH3F file groups some models with their description, and can be easily installed by double-clicking on it or by choosingFurniture Import furniture librarymenu item in Sweet Home 3D.

The following ZIP files contains a SH3F file you can import in Sweet Home 3D. These libraries contain the 3D models available at thefree models page.

3DModels-Contributions-1.6.3.zip(28.1 MB – 469 models – Free Art License)

3DModels-LucaPresidente-1.6.3.zip(4.4 MB – 89 models – Free Art License)

3DModels-Trees-1.6.3.zip(7.6 MB – 7 trees models – Free Art License)

3DModels-Scopia-1.6.3.zip(30.1 MB – 235 models – CC-BY License)

3DModels-KatorLegaz-1.6.3.zip(8.9 MB – 90 models – CC-BY License)

3DModels-BlendSwap-CC-0-1.6.3.zip(16.8 MB – 100 models – Public domain)

3DModels-BlendSwap-CC-BY-1.6.3.zip(26.5 MB – 120 models – CC-BY License)

3DModels-Reallusion-1.6.3.zip(10.7 MB – 25 human models – CC-BY License)

You might also be interested by the blog articleAdditional contributors librairieswhich lists other special libraries of 3D models designed by some Sweet Home 3D contributors (2D symbols, plumbing, roof parts,).

To create your own models, you may use any software able to generate files in OBJ, DAE / Collada, KMZ or 3DS format, likeArt of IllusionorBlenderfree software. If needed, you may also create your own SH3F files with the downloadableFurniture Library Editor.

If you want to propose your models in thefree 3D models page, please post them in3D Models ContributionsTracking System.

The following sites offer also some free 3D models in OBJ, DAE, KMZ or 3DS formats supported by the furniture import wizard ofSweet Home 3D:

Trimble 3D Warehouse(a big choice of models in KMZ and Collada format)

Resources.blogscopia(free well designed models shown alsohere)

ArchiBit Generation(various well designed models)

Free the models(furniture tested in Sweet Home 3D)

Archive3D(many models but some of them cant be imported in Sweet Home 3D)

ODG8(a few models of furniture available in the market)

Baumgarten Enterprises(a few interesting models, generally for industrial purpose)

3D Meshes Research Database(many simple models but some of them cant be imported in Sweet Home 3D)

*AboutTrimble 3D Warehouse, 3D models in KMZ format can be imported in Sweet Home 3D from version 4.4. Models only available in SKP/SketchUp format can be easily converted to DAE/Collada format by choosingFile Export 3D Model…menu item in the free version ofSketchUp.

If Sweet Home 3D refuses to import some of the ZIP files proposed on these sites, please unzip them first.

Please respect the license of the models that you may download on these web sites.

Propose other sites or report a dead link