Other Companies like ShapeWays?

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Are there any other website that allow you to have your design printed for a price, similarly to what Shapeways does, or do they pretty much own that market?

Well you also have a 3Dhub or something if i recall correctly,

Its a market system where everyone with a printer can sign up, and other people without printer can give you a STL and some money, so you can print and ship it.

After that there are also more professional services

Just google 3D print service and you should hit a few ^^

Another newcomer to cloud printing was at the NY Maker Faire called Kraftwurx (

) for printing services in the cloud. They offered access to multiple types of 3D printers.

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As pointed out there are several others, with shapeways being the largest. Also popping up are location based services that will connect you with local companies that have printers. As well as reverse auction sites where you have printers under bid each other for you job. Obviously there are numerous people with abs printers on these sites, but its not hard to find a printer with color sandstone or nylon (swf) near you.

^ Right. Not so much companies, as individuals though. Something like

I just got a print back from a guy here in LA, and all I can say is that it was horrendous. So bad, I even had to get a refund. Buyer beware- youll get quality that is all over the map.

I havent really checked it out yet, but seems to be something similar to Shapeways.

Sculpteo is really good. They are a little pricier than shapeways I believe but their turnaround time is a lot quicker and their products IMO are of higher quality.

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