UPS Expands In-Store 3D Printing Program to 100 US Locations

Last year, UPS announced plans to bring 3D printing to several UPS locations, but now, the company will expand the program to nearly 100 stores across the United States.The service, which began as a trial in stores in the San Diego area, was marketed toward startups,

Amazon has launched a new store for 3D-printed goods, which include items that can be customized to change their size, color, material and even aspects of their design. The store covers a range of types of products, including jewelry, electronics, toys and games, home decor and kitchen supplies,

Amazon has always been an on-demand marketplace of sorts; it can ship virtually anything in two days. But now, the online retail giant is taking on demand to a new level with its first 3D printing product marketplace.As its name suggests,

mpicpp writes with news that UPS will be expanding their 3D printing services. UPS announced plans Monday to bring in-store 3-D-printing services to nearly 100 stores across the country, billing itself as the first national retailer to do so. With the UPS system,

Last year, UPS announced plans to bring 3D printing to several UPS locations, but now, the company will expand the program to nearly 100 stores across the United States.The service, which began as a trial in stores in the San Diego area, was marketed toward startups,

Amazons new 3D printing store has its share of straight-up bizarre flotsam, like an $66 decorative egg cup that absolutely no one in the world needs. I cant mislead you: A lot of the stuff on offer is overpriced and weird. But some of the stores offerings are solid. Here are our top picks.

Youll soon be able to 3D print your own Mr. Snuffleupagus figurine. Characters from Sesame Street and Uglyverse are part of an effort by 3D printing company Makerbot to let users print out their favorite licensed characters from home.See also: Your 3D-Printed Sex Toy Is Growing BacteriaSo far,

Amazon, the worlds largest online retailer, has launched the 3D Printed Products store, a marketplace with more than 200 unique print on-demand products,Read more:

Amazon has just opened a new 3D Printing Store, which allows customers to customize and then purchase more than 200 unique print on-demand products.Read more…

If MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis dreams come true, well one day see a 3D printer in every home. And when youve got a 3D printer in every home, what do you need? Things to print, of course. A few months back,

Firefox Quantum is a great browser, but it has a security flaw. A Cisco report published Tuesday and spotted by The Hacker News revealed a Mozilla Firefox vulnerability that could allow hackers to remotely mess with users computers. SEE ALSO:

Jaguar brought a fleet of its electric vehicle prototypes to the Arctic in northern Sweden, and then proceeded to race them around the snow-blanketed flats. This could be viewed as stunt though a potentially useful stunt:

Amazon and friends are getting hyped for the Super Bowl. The company released a hilarious Super Bowl ad on its YouTube channel on Wednesday. The ad depicts a fictional scenario in which Alexa loses her voice.

The Philadelphia Police Department announced it wont grease up the citys light poles for the Super Bowl, so Pornhub is offering them 110 gallons of lube. Earlier this month,

We last saw Jessica Jones taking down the Hand in Marvels Defenders, but soon shell be back for another solo outing, hopefully as powerful and gripping as the last. Netflix released the first images and a few behind-the-scenes photos from Jessica Jones Season 2,

In December, it was reported that Apple was looking into bridging the worlds of iOS and macOS even further with universal apps that could run on both platforms.And now Axios says Apples still on track to bring iPad apps to Macs this year. No mention of iPhone apps running on Mac. Just iPad apps.

One of Facebooks core statistic doesnt look so good. Time spent on the network a number that drives the tech giants revenue is down by an estimated 50 million hours per day.Facebook now reaches 2.13 billion people per month and has 1.4 billion daily active users.

Some bike for exercise, others for transportation, but Felix Starck hopped on his bicycle to travel the world. What started off as a joke between friends and an inspiration to break away from the everyday life turned into a 365-day, 11,200-mile journey through 22 countries.

An airport parking website has apologized after using a mans death to promote their services.On Sept. 15, a man was found dead at a parking lot at the Chicago OHare airport. A police source said it may have been a suicide.See also: New York City Airports to Offer Free Wi-FiOn Monday,

Apple has given its first glimpse, though a bit vague, into iOS 8 adoption.According to data on the Apple Developer Support Page, nearly half (46%) of Apple mobile devices that accessed the App Store on Sept. 21 were using iOS 8.

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Once kids enter the picture, the art of planning a summer vacation changes considerably. After all, youre not going to bring your kids to knock back tequila shots in Cabo like you did in college. (Seriously, dont do that).

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Remember when Gizmodos Annalee Newitz declared this the Infrastructure Age ? Well, heres more proof: Microsoft is investing in its own undersea internet cables. Read more…