Shenzhen Sunshine and Materialise collaborate to develop3D printed race car

Shenzhen Sunshine Laser and Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (300227:Shenzhen) in China has signed an agreement with 3D printing company Materialise to develop 3D printed race cars. According to the agreement, both parties will jointly develop a electric or solar car using 3D printing. The companies hope to bring this 3D printed race car to the Formula Student China (FSC) for testing next year.

Materialise, founded 20 years ago by Wilfried Vancraen, has helped making numerous prototypes of products later manufactured by the millions.

In 2012 in cooperation with Materialise Formula Group T developed a body enclosure of Areion using rapid prototyping technology. Formula Group T showcased Areion, theworlds first 3D printed race carat Formula Student challenge 2012. It was tested on Hockenheim race circuit on July 31st and it went from zero to 100km/h in just 4 seconds. The maximum speed Areion achieved was 141km/h.

Taking advantage of what 3D printing can do, the entire body of the car, including side pods and cooling channels is 3D printed. The body is printed with all support clips and connection points built in for ease of assembly/disassembly. The large-scale 3D printing was achieved with Mammoth Stereolithography machines from Materialise.

Shenzhen Sunshine Laser and Electronics Technologyis principally engaged in the electronic products laser cutting and laser drilling businesses. The Companys main products and services include laser templates, precision metal parts, flexible circuit board laser forming and laser drilling services.

In September 2013 Shenzhen Sunshine announced that it will set up a 60%-owned joint venture in Shanghai, which will be engaged in 3D printing technology, design, processing and application development, 3D printing material development and production, 3D printing equipment development and manufacture, 3D data measurement and testing as well as 3D scan and reverse engineering, with a registered capital of RMB 20 million (US$3.28 million).

Mr. Wang Bowen, former General Manager of Shanghai Yue Rui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will hold a 40% stake in the joint venture. Shanghai Yue Rui was agent of Germany company EOS in China, selling full range of EOS laser 3D printers. After the establishment of the joint venture, the whole team and existing business customers will be fully transferred to the joint venture. The company plans to set up 3D printing service centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing.

Industry experts believe this cooperation could help Chinese manufacturers to deliver more complete business solutions to the industry.

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