Hongkong Paper Group to visit Shenzhen Medical Device Industry Association

Recently, the Hongkong Paper Group Vice President, Ms. Yang Jing went to visit Shenzhen deep Medical Devices Industry Association, aims to explore how to promote the combination of 3D printing technology and medical equipment and development. Association Secretary General Cai Qiaowu, manager of the enthusiasm of the reception of the Xiao Hui.

Shenzhen medical device industry association was founded in 2003, is engaged in medical equipment research and development, production, operation, use, maintenance, testing and teaching in Shenzhen and related areas of business or organization, voluntary coalition of industry non-profit social organizations. Association has 368 members, the incumbent president of the unit for Shenzhen MINDRAY Bio Medical Electronic Limited by Share Ltd, daily offices for the Secretariat to set up trade service department, exhibition department, technical service department, information department, training department and other departments.The two sides have enhanced mutual understanding and friendship in friendly exchanges! Hongkong Paper Group Vice President Yang Jing said to learn from the Shenzhen Medical Association, to promote the healthy development of the medical device industry for the purpose, to provide all-round service for more government departments and medical institutions, and jointly promote the development of medical equipment industry.

The general office of the State Council guiding opinions on promoting and regulating the health of large data application development (Guo Ban Fa 2016 No. 47) the introduction, clear health care related artificial intelligence technology, 3D printing technology, medical robots, large medical equipment, health and health Fufu help devices, wearable devices and micro sensor Devices Chinese medicine, functional status detection and health care equipment, these 7 kinds of medical devices will be supported by the state.

Thus, the state is also strongly support the development of medical intelligent devices, smart wearable devices, strengthen the study of key issues such as difficult diseases. Research and development of digital health intelligent equipment. Support the development of health care related biological artificial intelligence technology, three-dimensional (3D) printing technology, medical robots, large medical equipment, health and rehabilitation assistive devices, wearable devices and micro sensor devices. To speed up the transformation of research achievements, improve the manufacturing level of digital medical equipment, networking equipment, intelligent health products, medicine function detection and health care equipment, medical equipment industry to promote the healthy intelligent upgrade!

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