7 Cool Custom 3D Printed Computer Case Mods

3D printing has taken the maker community by storm. So its no surprise 3D printed computer case mods are becoming more popular slowly, as 3D printing is a great way to customize things quickly. We went out and looked for the most impressive examples.

Whats cool about it: Pretty much everything, right?

What was 3D printed?The design is inspired by the National Aquatics Centre in Bejing. Its aluminium casing has been hand spun on a lathe. On the inside most of the mounting plates have either been laser cut or 3D printed.

Where can I find it?TheProject Logis right here.

Whats cool about it: It looks like its ready to just spread its wings and would fly away.

What was 3D printed?The Wings of the Vesper are done in SLS from Nylon.

Where can I find it?Right inthis build log.

Whats cool about it: Its a remote control tank with a built-in PC . Need we to say more?

What was 3D printed?: Almost every part.

Where can I find it?: Here are thefilesfor downloading plus a build log.

Whats cool about it: The wireframe-like look and that its completely printed, not only the parts.

What was 3D printed?: The case top and bottom. And the key, of course.

Where can I find it?: Right at thisBuildlog.

Whats cool about it: We like the modular approach to get a relatively big part into a small build volume.

What was 3D printed?: The whole case structure

Where can I find it?: TheBuildlogis here.

Whats cool about it: We like theprinciples found in art moderne: straight edges with rounded corners. Looks like a retro toaster.

What was 3D printed?: The whole case.

Where can I find it?: TheProject Logis at

Whats cool about it: We love the slick look and the perfection it was made with. It looks like it is manufactured not tinkered.

What was 3D printed?Most part of the front, the cable management and the logo in some places.

Where can I find it?RepRapSquadBuildlog

Do you know more fully or partially 3D printed computercase mods? Please share them in the comments!

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