today I want to present you my Pokmon Showdown Importable To Legit PKHeX Files Converter. The whole project originated from mySmogon Set Database, which made all Smogon Sets for every Pokmon for every tier to PKHeX files, where most also were made legit (by having the data of for example legends saved and replaced and what not).

This is how the tool looks like. In the left text field you paste in the importable. After that you can choose if you want to create normal PKHeX files, boxdata files or Cyber Sav files. Its important that you specify for single PKHeX files or boxdata files the extract path or for Cyber Sav files the Cyber Sav File Path. You can also select for the Cyber Sav File the boxes which will be overwritten. When thats done you just click Convert and after a short period of time you should find your files in the specified folder. You can use those files then to import those Pokmon into your main game via Homebrew!

Most of the Pokmon generated should be legit and can be used immediately on Wi-Fi but there will be of course some cases which I didnt thought of. If you encounter any, just tell me and I will probably fix them!

You can download the tool from here (v2.0.1):

This app looks quite cool! I havent found any problems yet!!

Hi! Any plan on updating this for Sun and Moon?

Already did but forgot to update it here. Thanks for reminding me!

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