Medical Healthcare

As one of the leading providers of 3D printing solutions, the company has many years of R & D experience in the field of medical applications. Medical Department in close connection with the current characteristics of medical surgery and medical rehabilitation, with the clinical requirements of doctors, the use of independent research and development of digital medical design software and cloud printing service platform, the three-dimensional printing technology for preoperative planning, intraoperative navigation, postoperative rehabilitation And personalized customization, to provide the best personalized digital medical solutions, so that three-dimensional printing technology and medical clinical applications in-depth combination of secondary doctors to help more medical innovation.

Improve the efficiency of communication between doctors and patients

02 to improve the efficiency of program discussions between doctors

03 is conducive to the development of personalized surgical program

04 massive medical case help data mining

According to the patients CT / MRI data reconstruction and print out the 1: 1 3D model to help doctors communicate with patients and their families, for patients and doctors to provide tactile and visual experience, the diagnosis of the disease, preoperative surgical program design,

Preoperative surgical operation of the exercise has a good application prospects.

Spinal surgery is the most important accurate nail, reduce the complications of surgery, cervical pedicle small pedicle, set the risk of nail, in the drilling guide plate assisted pedicle screw placement, easy to use, surgery is also more simple,

Personalized design makes the increase in accuracy, can be found directly before the appropriate screw size and design of the screw into the track, reducing the deviation of the screw.

3D printing Individualized preparation of the implantation of tissue defects repair, can greatly improve the accuracy and safety of surgery, the traditional prosthesis can not perfectly match the individual differences in bone of patients,

Bone defects caused by various diseases make the shape of the skeleton more uncertain, 3D printing technology design and preparation of the object (titanium or PEEK material) can be a perfect solution to these problems.

Black boat medical support can support clinical implant design and 3D print personalized implant.

Skull – jaw – orbital bone – preoperative model

3D printing model can be used to assist the preoperative simulation of craniomaxillofacial surgery, effectively solve the soft tissue morphology of the three-dimensional reconstruction, skull, jaw, orbital bone and other complex three-dimensional structure of the positioning, Mobile and reconstruction. Common for example, skull model, jaw model, external ear model.

Osteotomy in the guide plate can be a good preoperative design into the operation, the doctor through the preoperative printing guide plate can accurately determine the osteotomy angle, guide the internal fixation installation.

Department of Respiratory Diseases – Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic – Cardiothoracic Surgery – Oncology – Urology – Cardiovascular Surgery – Neurosurgery – Preoperative Models

3D printing technology in the respiratory department, hepatobiliary and pancreatitis, cardiothoracic surgery, oncology, urology, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery and other departments played an important role: both can accurately locate the lesion and important vascular structure of the spatial position relationship,

You can quickly print out exactly the same with the size of the operation of the transparent 3D model, so that surgeons out of the imagination of the dilemma, before surgery can be expected from the multi-dimensional real situation,

Clear the direction of important pipelines, develop surgical pathways and procedures and preview surgery.

The traditional gypsum model is airtight, easily lead to itchy wounds, and exudes a bad smell; through the 3D print design of the brace is not only perfect for everyone hand type; due to the ventilation holes to solve the permeability problem;

You can design a live button at any time to open, to facilitate dressing; through external ultrasound equipment to accelerate the healing rate of the wound.

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