WP3D Models

WP3D Models V.3 offers hundreds of customization options.

We cant wait to see how youll put them to use.

Customizable Mobile Settings & Painless Matterport Model Embedding

Not only does WP3D Models generate fully responsive model embeds (without you touching the HTML/IFRAME code), it offers customized column layouts to best suit your existing WordPress theme.

See for yourself on theDEMOS Page, and be sure to compare how each option looks on your phone, tablet and desktop devices.

Quickly & Easily create unique branded Single Page/Property Websites for you or your clients.

You can even customize each skinned option with a unique logo! Additionally, build unlimited portfolio pages of your scanned models and virtual tours!

See various Demos Single Page Website Demo

Painless Model Address Lookup & Geocoding

Use WP3D Models to dynamically create beautiful responsive maps with pins to all of your Matterport models.

Adding the mapping information to your WordPress site is a breeze using the built-in Address Geolocation tool.

Let your customers easily filter through your (or their) Matterport model portfolio.

You can organize models by type or client or both. Choose whether you want to display the filtering option, or maybe build a page for each type.

You can also create client-specific pages for the organizations that hire you on a regular basis. The sky is the limit!

** This does not change the image stored at Matterport, just your local model thumbnail.

Now you can safely share your own models with your MLS and still get SEO credit. PLUS, the Facebook share formatting remains intact.

Unlimited Client & Type Landing Pages