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BeagleBone is a credit-card sized expandable Linux computer that connects with the Internet and runs software such as Android 4.0 and Ubuntu. It allows developers to evaluate the Sitara™ AM335x ARM® Cortex™-A8 processors with a single cable and 10-second Linux boot-enabling development in less than five minutes. Adding cape plug-in boards to the popular BeagleBone computer allows hobbyists, makers and developers to quickly and easily augment BeagleBones capabilities with LCD screens, motor control and battery power as well as the ability to create their own circuits.

Click here to view the Production video for BeagleBone Black

Compatibility Between Different Capes Matrix

BeagleBone Black Compatibilty Matrix

Clickhereto view the Production video for BeagleBone Black

Compatibility Between Different Capes Matrix

To view the compatibility between capes that are listed in this catalog, please download the compatibility matrix below.

for information on BeagleBone Black Compatibility visit theBeagleboard:BeagleBone Black Capeswiki page

BeagleBone Serial CAN RS485 RS232 Cape

Nimbelink Skywire Cellular Modem Cape

If you have a cape that will be in production or able to be purchased and you would like it listed here, please create a wiki page for your cape on and ith the link. You can use a template (to view the wikitext go to the link and click on the View Source or Edit tab on the top right corner). Also, submit any patches to the kernel, including .dts files for your cape, to theBeagleBoard group/mailing list.

Note: if you dont have a account, you will need to create one in order to create or edit a wiki page. Note: if you have any question related to a particular cape, please contact the designer of that cape. For other questions regarding this page, please contact us

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